How to Develop and Evaluate 64-bit Android* Apps on Intel® x86 Platforms


Nowadays more and more mobile end-user devices are powered by 64-bit architecture. Using 64-bit Android* is a great way to gain access to the market. This article will introduce Android on Intel® 64-bit architecture and discuss its unique compatibilities, including technical details, performance gains, problem statements, and available solutions for Android on Intel® Atom™ processor-based platforms.

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  • HAXM not working on Core 2 Duo Macs: installs, but won't start images (black screen)


    HAXM 1.1.0 is not loading x86 atom image on fresh Yosemite install (core 2 duo): it goes straight to a black screen.

    I can run ARM images, but when I try to run an Atom x86 image (android 4.4.2, nexus 5 clone), it goes to a black screen and sits there doing nothing. The emulator output reports "HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode" before going to the black screen emulator window.

    Never had an older version of HAXM installed, so don't think its the "old haxm verison doesn't work on mavericks/yosemite" problem.

    question about ROI in H264 encoder filter


    I have a question when i use ROI in H264 encoder filter.In doc mediasdk-man,it is said that"For CQP mode,priority of ROI is absolute value in the -51…51 range".But the value in 0-51 has no effect in real test.Is priority of ROI just used in -51-0 range?

    Here are some examples to show the result.The CQP is 51 and the priorities of ROI are -50,-20,0,20.


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