Troubles with HAXM Installation Workaround Patch


Sorry to bring this problem back, you probably heard it to many times, but I am simply not able to figure out how to make hexm work on my computer.

After the error "Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver" I followed the instructions for the workaround given in the link below.

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android charts

I want to develop a native dashboard app witch  have 4 chart ;I using achartengine library to my project and have 4 class and 4 layout  for each of chart and 1 main class and one main layout and bundle each fragment to its layout but it doesn't work ; then I work with one class and one layout that have 4 liner layout again it doesn't work .

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August 11th, 2014

Intel® CCF 3.0 PV3

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    HAXM installation error - again


    Sorry for this again, but after reading all HAXM installations issues, I still can not install mine (hence can not run emulator). It says the XD bit is not enabled. I have checked it is enabled by windows and ran the bcdedit just in case.

    I'm using Win7SP1 32bit, Intel Core2Duo T8300, XD and VT-x features both enabled in BIOS, no virtualization software installed (checked events HyperV is not there). I'm trying to run API 19 emulator. T

    Any ideas?

    I appreciate every bit of help.



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