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I am writing a book on Android performance and tools used to measure performance, and I'd like the opportunity to look at the Intel performance tools., however, The MDK process fails - since Dell does not offer the Venue 8 on its website.


Can you please assist?


How to distinguish phone vs. tablet


I'm trying to find the best known methods for distinguishing a tablet from a phone.

We recently discovered that a Tablet device (Thundersoft Bamboo) was getting a phone version of an App in the Google Play store instead of an alternate version more suited for tablets. After contacting the ISV we learned that the reason was that they distinguish a phone from a tablet based on screen properties. Specifically for the Bamboo:

getResources().getConfiguration().screenLayout  =  Configuration.SCREENLAYOUT_SIZE_NORMAL

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems Usage Models

        Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems is available through Intel(R) System Studio product. It is a software performance analysis tool for users developing serial and multithreaded applications on Embedded and Mobile system. VTune Amplifier supports multiple usage modes for various target systems depending on your development environment and target environment. In this article, we will describe the Vtune Amplifier usage modes and the recommended modes for different target systems.

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  • source code for tutorial

    I'm new to Android UI coding, not new to coding, and was in the process of creating a tab/swipe UI when i came across this tutorial

    there are many references in it to the "complete source code" yet there are no links to download the full it available for reference?

    Intel® is sponsoring a FREE event for mobile developers on September 27th, 2014

    Intel® is the platinum sponsor for the annual Phoenix Mobile Festival in Phoenix, AZ on September 27th, 2014.  The Phoenix Mobile Festival is an all-day free event organized by the Phoenix Mobile Technology Group in Phoenix, AZ.  There are 18 sessions available to attend throughout the one day event.  Intel is presenting a technical session about Intel’s cross platform app development tools Intel® INDE and Intel® XDK.  Come join us at the University of Phoenix campus in Room 101 at 11a.m.

    JAVA 多线程实现生产者 —— 消费者

    最近在学习Java多线程编程,当然少不了学习经典的 生产者——消费者 模型。









    单机部署 hadoop2.2 + hbase0.96



    1.   安装jdk,并设置好JAVA_HOME。

    2.   设置主机名hostname,在/etc/sysconfig/network中设置。如:hostname=Master

    3.   设置IP地址与主机名称的映射关系,在/etc/hosts中设置。如: Master

    4.   创建专门的用户,比如我们创建hadoop用户。先创建组:groupadd hadoop,然后创建用户:useradd -g hadoop hadoop,然后修改hadoop用户的密码:passwd hadoop。


    1、解压缩,tar xzvf  hadoop-2.2.0.tar.gz

    2、修改配置文件hadoop-env.sh设置正确的java_home,如 export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6




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