Installing an Android IDE with Eclipse using Intel® INDE

For developers wishing to work on their Android applications on a Windows host system, Intel is providing the new (in beta) Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience tool suite. For basic information and instructions on steps prior to Environment setup, please see this blog. 

This second blog will cover the setup of an Android IDE with Eclipse*

With Intel® INDE installed, you have a tile menu to select components to download, with the Environment Setup Wizard allowing choice of an Android IDE.

Why ICC14 claims it can't integrate with NDK being in common pack??

I trying to install INDE.

Environment setup installed. But when ICC 14 installation pregresses it at one piohnt says it may not integrate with NDK.

How so, if they put together into same INDE conglomeration? Should this warning be solved or removed?

Right hand doesn't know what left doing...

Problem with HDMI

Hello community, I hope you can help me. I am making an application in which I would like to enable or disable the HDMI as there is in the android settings option. I've been looking for Android Developers but there is nothing that says you enable or disable the HDMI.

Thanks and hope they can help me.

Application does not support this device

Hey everyone ...!

i'm new in android development and i'm having a problem which i haven't found any solution for a month.

--i'm using "Delphi XE6" which includes the Dev tools for Android .

..I've created some apps and debugging them with the "ARM" and they worked just fine, i found out that the emulator is abnormally too slow 

so i downloaded the intel HAXM to give it some speed and it worked ,it became fast and smooth ...till now no problem.

****but when i tried to debug build my apps using the x86 emulator, the app starts up with a black screen 

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