Ganhadores da primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge Brasil

Depois de muito trabalho e discussão (o que é ótimo, já que recebemos muitas idéias boas) segue a lista dos vencedores da primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge Brasil:

Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (A.K.A.CABELO)

Alexandre Ribeiro da Silva

Alexandre Winetzki

Anderson Bergamini Sensolo

Meshcentral.com - News update

Hi everyone. First, for people in the US, happy long weekend! I just wanted to give an update on what is going on with Meshcentral.com. Here is a lot of interest in the technology and so, I have been busy fixing and improving all sorts of things, most of the focus is on the server side and underlying peer-to-peer routing. But I got two fun things to report:

Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 get GOLD release 2

In these days our loved Perceptual SDK receive an update in the SDK incarnation, there's a lot of improvement and new implementation.

The release is marked with the version number 8779, just from the change log we can note the news.

First of all the Java app dev support and Projection in framework porting libraries support was added,

Many of the samples (either C++ and C#) was rewritten or heavily modified.

Estimate the penalty of Cache Miss more accurate on Ivy-bridge?

Most of time the user will reference Tuning Guides and Performance Analysis Papers for different Intel® Core™ Generation processors, to optimize their applications.
Usually estimating Cache Miss penalty will be first considered, because CPU penalty is expensive when LLC miss happened. See below formula: (Ivy-bridge as example)

Introduction to Intel Perceptual Computing SDK: HelloCam!


Introduction to Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK: HelloCam [PDF 305 KB]

When you want to learn a new programming language or SDK, the first step is usually is to write a program called "Hello World!" Here, we are talking about how to use the web cam features of the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK, so we will call our first program "Hello Cam!"

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