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How to run Media SDK samples on Skylake

In the last few days, we have seen lot of concern for using Intel® Media 2016 on 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors (codename Skylake) from the customers. We wanted to explain how one can still install the latest Media SDK 2016 package and use it on 6th generation Intel Core processor and below are the steps which shows how one can run basic encode/decode test to start with -

i7-4770 CPU is not supporting hardware decoding


I am having a i7-4770 CPU whose system analysis report is as follows:

The code given in tutorial simple_session is detecting SOFTWARE implementation and API version 1.8. Hence I am unable to take advantage of the HARDWARE accelerated decoding. Please suggest a possible solution. The system has two Windows 10 operating system with two monitors connected via Nvidia graphics card.

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2015R6 on SLES 12 SP1

We have been using IMSS Essentials (and IMSDK before that) in our video streaming product on SLES 12 for the past few years. The current SLES 12 iteration of our product is using the rpm packages and patches that were included in the SLES directory of 2015R6.  We understand from the MSS documentation that 2015R6 is the last release that will support SLES as a "gold" platform.  

kernel drm stuck on bsd ring

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I have been working on integrating the Media SDK / GPU into our real-time streaming media server.  Most of the functionality is now working at low density (2 to 4 parallel processing channels) and we are attempting to ramp things up.  Unfortunately, we start seeing some serious issues as we hit 6 and 8 channels.  The device continuously reports 'busy' and the error 'kernel drm stuck on bsd ring' was observed in /var/log/messages.

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