Unable to View Statistic of OpenMP Region CPU Usage Histogram


Currently, I'm running analysis on the executable file generated from the compilation of C source code.

However, at the Summary window, certain OpenMP regions' CPU Usage Histograms are not displayed at the GUI, and some of them do.

Attached is the screenshot of Summary window. Hope it'll help to clarify my statement above.

Is there any solution to this problem?


Thank you.

Linux: 4.0 is not a supported linux release

Hello all,

similar to this issue back then with Linux 3.0 I'm now greeted by the annoying error message that "4.0 is not a supported linux release". The differences to the last 3.x release are not large, so this restriction is rather annoying. Is there a way to bypass it? Or is there a beta release ready to be tested to circumvent this issue? I've tried with the latest VTune Amplifier XE 2015 Update 3 release to no avail.


使用英特尔® 软件开发仿真器的优势


全新的英特尔处理器引入了增强型扩展指令集,以此提升应用的性能或增强其安全性。  英特尔 AVX1 和 AVX21 等扩展指令集主要用于提升性能,而英特尔 SHA2 指令则用于 SHA 加速,从而增强应用的安全性。

如果开发人员希望用这些新指令创建应用,但目前的硬件不支持这些指令该怎么办?  公司如何证明购买新系统来支持新指令的价值,同时确保其应用能够充分利用这些新指令来提升性能?

英特尔® 软件开发仿真器可用于在不支持新指令的系统上执行包含这些指令的应用。

本文将探讨使用 SDE 测试使用新指令的代码所带来的优势。

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  • Cannot locate debugging symbols for file `/tmp/amplxe-tmp-lab/xxxxx/


    I am trying to profile an application using the remote analysis workflow as mentioned in this link.

    When i try to the run the profiler using GUI as well as command line, i am getting these warning messages:

    amplxe: Using result path `/home/xxxx/vtune_trial/xxxxxx/r002hs'

    amplxe: Executing actions 16 % Resolving information for `bash'               

    Visual Studio 2013 crashes when attempting to build project

    I'm using Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 on Windows 7 Pro with Intel VTune 2015 Update 2.  I've been using VTune and Visual Studio just fine for the past few days, but I've recently hit a massive roadblock.  Visual Studio will crash with a null reference exception whenever I try to build the working solution.

    Here's the call stack error:

    How to install Vtune Amplifier 2015 vtsspp on MPSS2.1.6720

    I'm using mpss_gold_update_3-2.1.6720, with a uos version of

    I'm now trying to install the vtune amplifier 2015 on this mpss, so I need sep3_15-k1om- and vtsspp-k1om- But I can find only sep3_15-k1om- and vtsspp-k1om-, but not vtsspp-k1om-

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