Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture

Installing MPSS - no MIC Cards found or specified in command line


I've been trying to install MPSS on my system the past week and I end up with the same error every time. I've installed MPSS 3.4.2 without recompiling the packages, following the ReadMe strictly of course. I'm also in contact with ASUS who has sent me a custom BIOS for being able to enable Above 4G decoding, the error remains however, unfortunately.


  • OS: RHEL 7.0
  • Motherboard: Asus Z97-WS with Above 4G decoding enabled
  • CPU: intel i7-4790K

Some output:

catastrophic error: *MIC* cannot open source file "bits/c++config.h"

After I updated MPSS and ICC to version 3.42 and 15.0.1 respectively, I cannot compile Xeon Phi program which uses iostream. For example, when I tried to compile the following program with "icc test.cpp", I receive the error which says "/usr/linux-k1om-4.7/linux-k1om/../x86_64-k1om-linux/include/c++/4.7.0/iostream(39): catastrophic error: *MIC* cannot open source file "bits/c++config.h". Can you please give me advice about the way to remove the error.

centos crashed after modprobe mic

I am trying to install driver to setup my intel phi 7120P on centos 6.4. I followed the getting started guide, installing a blank new centos 6.4. Install rpm's all good until enter the command modprobe mic. My os froze and wasn't able to do anything except power off the pc. After that I restart my pc and then error comes up and I wasn't able to boot into centos. Here are the errors I got:

Streaming store for _m512i

Hi guys, 

I'm looking for an intrinsic for streaming store  _m512i in KNC. 

As far as I know, KNC has on some intrinsic instructions for streaming store float/double data, such as:

extern void __ICL_INTRINCC _mm512_storenr_ps(void*, __m512);
extern void __ICL_INTRINCC _mm512_storenr_pd(void*, __m512d);

Any ideas for this, please?

Thanks in advance. 

BLAST for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor


This code recipe describes how to get, build, and use the BLAST+ code that includes support for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor with Intel® Many-Integrated Core (MIC) architecture.

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  • Intrinsic function on MIC (512)

    Hey everyone,


    I'm working on a simple financial application (actually benchmarking CPU vs MIC), the first version of the code is without intrinsics function (the compiler is vectorizing the loops) and I wanted to try with the intrinsics. Here is my problem on the CPU, I can observe a gain of performance of 30% with the m256 intrinsics function (vs the CPU without intrinsics) but on the MIC with the m512 the performance is worst than the MIC without the intrinsics (OpenMP + intrinsics), is it normal ?


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