Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture

ibscif/Infiniband problems


I am having problems with the actual mpss 3.2 relase in combination with CentOS 5.3 and the Intel OFED stack.

The kernel version is 2.6.32-279-11.1 so I ahd to recompile the kernel modules.

As soon as I start the ofed-mic service, the infniniband connections on the host is not working any more (I tested this with a ibv_rc_pingpong). Communication with the card over scif0 interface is possible, but only with a poor bandwith (73.34 Mbit/sec). dmesg shows follwing supicous messages

How to use gather operations on MIC

Hi i want to gather a some elements from a array whose indices are specified in "index". Here is the code i have written.

int main()
float* arrA = (float*)_mm_malloc(sizeof(float)*500,64);
float* arrB = (float*)_mm_malloc(sizeof(float)*500,64);

for(int i=0; i <42; i++)
arrA[i] =(float )i;
arrB[i] = (float)1;

Xeon Phi causing PC to freeze

For some time now, my PC has been freezing periodically - about once every 2 days, the screen looks normal, but mouse, keyboard etc. do not respond and I have to hold the power key in to restart.

By process of elimination, the culprit appears to be the Xeon Phi 3120A card - I just took the card out and ran the PC for a month without a freezing incident.

Put it back in and it froze the same day.

I have tried it in both possible expansion slots - froze with both.

Have a beeping problem with new ram memory - 4gb.


i think its about performance of computer.

Have a beeping problem with new ram memory - 4gb. 

beeping , and no display.

Mother board:

According to this, my destop board could accept memory stick, but pratically not.

Co-processor only fine. But Symmetric & Offload not work.

Hello, I want to generate xeon phi workstation using intel MPI.

Thus, I've already set up xeon phi and run test code using below thread.

However, MPI Offload model & Symmetric model is not working with this error message if I run below MPI task.

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