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Cannot build Intel client code x64 in visual studio 2008

Hi All,

I am developing a client app C++ called AppX86 to test Intel AMT using AMT_SDK_11.0.0.35. My client app built successful and work exactly what I expected with X86 mode (Win32). But I got the real problem is that AppX86 is failed when I want to run this app in x64 (Windows 10). So I tried to build the new app called AppX64 and tried to use the lib x64 of Intel SDK. I configured visual studio 2008 to build x64 successful. But I got the error as following:

Amt Admin Password Restore

 We have done provision by using Intel Vpro on them but we dont have provision password anymore, therefore we have unconfigured via HP bios utility tool. When we restart computer, there is a massage like ““Found Unconfigure Of Intel Me Continue with Unconfigration (Y/N)” on the screen . We would like to know if it automaticly passes it with yes.


We need to amt admin password restore tools or command ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Remote Power Management of Intel® AMT Devices with InstantGo

InstantGo, also known as Connected Standby, creates a low OS power state that must be handled differently from how remote power management was handled in the past. This article provides information on how to support the InstantGo feature.
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  • Intel AMT SDK 11 Release Notes

    If you are working on developing your own Intel AMT Manageability Console you can find important release notes inside the SDK root-level folder.  Look for a HTML file called “Intel AMT Release 11.0 SDK Release Notes”.

    If you are facing issues in your integration process, you should check the notes to verify where your issues are occurring.  Here are the notes associated with the Intel AMT 11 release.


    Mesh Commander v0.1.7 Released

    Mesh Commander 0.1.7 was just released. This time around, we are adding a significant new feature. Everyone seriously using Intel AMT knows that automation is essential to get management working smoothly on a large scale. You need to be able to quickly configure, modify, gather data and perform custom management operations. To do this quickly and on many machines, you need to be able to script Intel AMT.

    Cannot see Wireless Settings in

    I have two laptops which have the same configuration. Two laptops used Wireless as usual for working or for entertainment ( check mail, or skype...). Only one laptop sees Wireless Setting when I used the command: as figure below.

    (note: laptop see Wireless Setting do not install the Intel®_PROSet_Wireless_Software

    and laptop does not see Wireless Setting installed Intel®_PROSet_Wireless_Software)

    (Sorry, I tried to update image but I cannot because this tool does not set my permission to upload image )

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