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Get username from AMT audit logs using JAVA

If you are using Intel® WS-Management Java Client Library in order to play with vPro Machines Logs, one thing that its missing from the examples its a way to get the username that try to perform a KVM session for example. So, the following piece of code can help you.

When colleting log, If Initiator Type == 1, so, we have the user from AD SID, using this SID we can retrieve all user info from AD.

in the KerberosSIDInitiatorType you have this information: - News update

Hi everyone. First, for people in the US, happy long weekend! I just wanted to give an update on what is going on with Here is a lot of interest in the technology and so, I have been busy fixing and improving all sorts of things, most of the focus is on the server side and underlying peer-to-peer routing. But I got two fun things to report:

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