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Internal compiler error (C0000005)

Dear Fortran Masters, 

The code below is given an internal compiler error (C0000005). It seems valid Fortran 2003 to me. The idea of the code is to know the dimensions of the internal arrays of the "stream" data type when the function Solve is called by data types extending taUoO.

The error is obtained using the XE 2015 Composer Edition (latest update). 

Thank you in advance, Javier


Want tips on Porting Fortran developed on Intel WIndows IDE to Gfortran on Linux

I have a straightforward 64-bit Windows console program .EXE that reads input from formatted files, crunches numbers and outputs to other formatted files. It consists of two  .F90 free-format files, one is a Fortran Module and the other contains the main program + subprogram code.
My standard of Fortran familiarity is F95. A requirement to speed it up can be met locally by porting the code to a much faster server which uses Linux and which has GFortran installed (but not Intel Linux composer - yet!).

Not getting exact output



I am Gaurav & just started using fortran. I tried to run following code for which output should be 10.5 but instead I am getting 16.5. Why is it so? please tell


    REAL (KIND=8):: x,y,z


Gaurav K.

Unable to decide what to download

Hi and Good Day!

I have an academic serial and I am interested to download some environment where I can make fortran applications. Now when I try to download, I am given four choices of softwares i.e. MPI Library, Integrated Performance Primitives, Math Kernal Library and Thereading Building Block.

Please help me by pointing out which software to download so that I can make applications in Fortran without buying Visual Studio.


Getting error when invoking dummy function when it returns an array

I am trying to invoke an external function through a dummy function name. The error is:

Error    1     error #6634: The shape matching rules of actual arguments and dummy arguments have been violated.   [G]   

the code is:

Module DummyFG

    function DF(DummyF, x,n)
      implicit none
      integer :: n
      real(kind=8) ,intent(in):: x(n)
      real(kind=8) :: DF
      real (kind=8) :: DummyF
      DF = DummyF(x,n)
    end function DF

Specific Old Version Required


I require a particular older version of Intel Fortran. I have a latest student version of Parallel Studio XE Composer 2015 and I tried to download a specific older version i.e. Intel Fortran Composer XE 2011 SP1 Update-4, however this version is not available in the drop down menu for download. Please help!



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