Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)

Using the Intel® RealSense™ SDK to Create “Hello World” Project in C#/WPF

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This paper presents the basic steps required to develop a C# Windows* Presentation Foundation (WPF) app from scratch that incorporates the Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Windows*. The project described in this walkthrough can be built using Microsoft Visual Studio* Express 2013 for Windows Desktop or the professional versions of Visual Studio 2013.

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  • How small can we go?

    Those of you who follow my @DoctorFortran Twitter feed have seen this already, but for the rest of you...  I have acquired five MinnowboardMAXes - small single-board computers with dual-core Atom processors and 2GB of RAM. My primary goal for these is to form a Linux cluster and demonstrate coarrays on them, but I took one of them and loaded Windows 10 and Visual Fortran on it. Works fine, if not the speediest thing in the world.

    Auto update of file version number in a *.rc resource file


    I have a .rc resource file in a Fortran DLL project where I set information like the version number.  Is there a way to automatically increment part of the file version number with each build?  I currently manually edit the file version number, which is not onerous, but automation would be welcome.  It looks like the .rc file is a text file that could perhaps be modified by a script, unless that would corrupt it.  Thanks for any advice.


    MKL 11.2 Install Failure - Fortran Composer XE 2015 / VS 2010 Shell

    I recently attempted to upgrade my Fortran compiler to the Fortran Composer XE 2015 edition released on 2/5/2015.  The Fortran upgrade appears to have gone OK. However, when installing the MKL libraries I get an error that the debugger extension requires Visual Studio 2012 or 2013, and the install window for the MKL libraries places a red X on the install of "Intel MKL core libraries for Intel (c) 64" and "Intel MKL core libraries for IA32".  Does the new version of MKL require Visual Studio 2012 or 2013?

    Array Initialization Error when mixing different integer types.


    PROGRAM main

      INTEGER, PARAMETER :: num_flags = 4
      INTEGER(kind=8), PARAMETER :: DIM0a = 7
      INTEGER(kind=8), PARAMETER :: DIM1a = 4
      INTEGER, DIMENSION(1:3) :: dim_qf_data =(/DIM0,4,num_flags/)
      INTEGER(kind=8), DIMENSION(1:2) :: dims = (/DIM0a,DIM1a/) ! #1
      INTEGER(kind=8), DIMENSION(1:2) :: dims = (/DIM0,DIM1/) ! #2

    Visual Studio IDE issue: blank members drop-down for a module with parameterized derived type and a type with a bound procedure.

    With Visual Studio 2013 and Intel Fortran integration using compiler 2015, update 2, the members drop-down for the source window in the IDE shows up empty for the simple module code shown below.  Hopefully the problem is reproducible and it can be directed for a resolution.

    module m

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