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"The procedure entry point for_error_stop could not be located...

Suddenly, I encounter this message while trying to run my code (which compiles fine with  Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE [Intel(R) 64]...): The procedure entry point for_error_stop could not be located in the dynamic library libifcoremd.dll.

Any suggestion regarding the root cause for this?

Problems compiling with Intel Visual FORTRAN (ver. 11.1) on Windows 7 Enterprise

I just migrated from a desktop PC to Dell Ultrabook and has the IntelFORTRAN with IMSL (Professional version 11.1) installed on Ultrabook.

I tried compiling an old FORTRAN code that uses IMSL special function routine, and, this code was running just fine on the old machine (desktop/PC which had Intel FORTRAN with IMSL ver. 11.1).

When I tried recompiling on the new Ultrabook the same code it started giving me errors for the IMSL.  I am attaching both the source code and the "build.htm" file which lists the errors.

Can anyone please help me fix these errors?

Variable import from DLL broken by upgrade

When I rebuild my code using Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 4, previously working (using version imports of variables that are exported from a DLL (created in ObjectAda, if that matters) no longer work.  Imports of procedures still work, although it seems that I no longer need to include a DLLIMPORT directive for this.

Here's the code:

real(kind=8) :: DLLFunc

real(kind=8) :: LocalDouble





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