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Move Mask Operators

Creates a 2-bit mask from the most significant bits of the two, double-precision floating-point values of A, as follows:

int i = move_mask(F64vec2 A)
i := sign(a1)<<1 | sign(a0)<<0
Corresponding intrinsic: _mm_movemask_pd

Classes Quick Reference

This appendix contains tables listing operators to perform various SIMD operations, corresponding intrinsics to perform those operations, and the classes that implement those operations. The classes listed here belong to the Intel® C++ Class Libraries for SIMD Operations.

In the following tables,


This section contains descriptions of Intel's C++ library extensions that assist users in parallel programming. The following C++ library specialization is included:

Introduction to Intel's valarray Implementation

The Intel® Compiler provides a high performance implementation of specialized one-dimensional valarray operations for the C++ standard STL valarray container.

The standard C++ valarray template consists of array/vector operations for high performance computing. These operations are designed to exploit high performance hardware features such as parallelism and achieve performance benefits.

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