instal intel HAXM

After three tentatives, and really difficult to upload intel haxm in the very last moment of installation with the executable execution manager exe the message i have is : your computer can not support VT-x technology . my computer has windows 8.1, is an AMD radeon HD 8400 with 512 MB graphics system memory and 6 GB DDR3 L memory.

ModernCode Project - Intel and Partners Helping You Make Today’s Software Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Computers

Today, we introduced the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community, which focuses on the pursuit of parallel programming.  The community includes our very successful series of Modern Code Live Workshops taught around the world and our upcoming Intel® HPC Developer Conferences.

Resumo do Intel IoT Roadshow de Junho de 2015 em São Paulo

Nos dias 19 e 20 de Junho de 2015, realizamos em São Paulo mais uma edição do Intel IoT Roadshow com foco no Intel Edison.

Participaram do evento 115 desenvolvedores e 42 projetos foram desenvolvidos. Conseguimos fazer videos da maioria deles, e publicamos aqui a lista completa dos projetos (com links para os projetos que foram compartilhados) e os videos de cada um.

O vídeo abaixo resume o que foi o evento!

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