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Intel User and Reference Guide

Guys, is there a pdf or a single-page version of the CilkPlus User and Reference Guide? All I can find is this link

and I have to navigate the left panel (or I'm geekly-blind and cannot find the link)... I'd just like a single-page with everything on it.


last function executed before cilk runtime ends


I’m experimenting with cilk runtime code and I was wondering what is the last function executed before cilk runtime ends.

When I run, for example ./fib 30 in linux, what is the last function that executes in cilk runtime assuming execution went without any problems.

By last function I mean any code before cilk runtime shuts down properly after ./fib 30 has completed, maybe some sort of cleanup code or some sort of memory free-up or anything in that sort.

Thanks for the help or any hints.

avx512 mangling

Is there a more recent document than the Intel Vector ABI 2012-v0.9.5 document?

Has anyone decided on mangling for for avx512?  Right now there is:

'x' // xmm (SSE2) 
| 'y' // ymm1 (AVX1) 
| 'Y' // ymm2 (AVX2) 
| 'z' // zmm (mic)

Any mangling update?  ABI update?


intel vector abi mangling questions


I have a few questions regarding vector function mangling as specified in 2012-v0.9.5.  If this is not the right forum for this, could I please be guided to the appropriate one?

1. What is the order of the vparameters and the alignment parameter ('s', 'l', 'u', 'v', 'a')?  For example, if an argument is constantly linear by 2 and uniform, is that encoded as "l2u" or "ul2".  Similarly for the rest of the encoding characters.

vector/elementals attribute syntax on GCC

Hi folks.  Me again; trying to incorporate the elemental feature into GCC trunk.

The attribute syntax, as specified in the language spec is a bit problematic for the GCC infrastructure, and I'm wondering how committed are you to the current syntax.  For example, this is a sample vector use as allowed by the syntax:

__attribute__ ((vector(vectorlength(4), nomask, processor (core_i7_sse4_2), uniform (x,y))))
int foobar(int x, int y)

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