Intel® Parallel Composer beta (Archived)

IPP 7.0 Beta : Product available to download and participate in the webinar


The Intel Developer Products Division invites you to participate in the Intel IPP 7.0 beta program. To register and download visit - IPP 7.0 Beta Home page:

Also, we will be conducting a webinar to give an introduction to new features of IPP 7.0 Beta.

CEAN and C99

Hi, I'm trying to make a simple example with dynamic size arrays butI cannot compile the example. I've specified /Qstd=c99.

Please, find attached the build log. The code is the following:


#include "stdafx.h"


void saxpy_vec(int m, float a, float x[m], float y[m])


y[:] += a * x[:];


int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])


int RANGE_MIN = 0;

int RANGE_MAX = 100;

float a[2048], b[2048];

CEAN - first tests


I'm starting to try array extensions and I've got some doubt. Let's suppose that there is some function tomake some calculations over arrays elements:

a[:] = myfunc( b[:], ...);

so that it is possible to process each element in parallel.

Is there any way to know what element is being processed in a call to the function (inside the function itself)?

Thanks and best regards

GAP incorrectly refers to field "__b_BaseClass" in derived classes


GAP is generating some remarks that refer to a non-existent field "__b_BaseClass" in derived classes, where BaseClass is the name ofthe base class.

Consider the following code (gap.cpp), compiled with icl gap.cpp /O2 /Qguide:3

struct Base


int a;

int b;


struct Derived : public Base


int c;


int main ()


Derived x;

return x.b + x.c;


GAP generates the following remarks:

Runtime exception: The parameteris incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070057 (EINVALIDARG))

Abug (ticket DPD200155287) has been discovered recently with the Intel Parallel Debugger Extension when used with VS2010. This only happens if you have installed the Intel Parallel Composer beta update1 and withinVS2010.

When you build a program with Intel Parallel Composer beta, and run/debug it within VS2010 IDE, you may see this exception:

This issue is being worked on.

Is there any temporary way to resolve Microsoft COM compiling issue?


I was tring to compile some Microsoft Component with intel composer beta program compiler to improve the perfomance. And there were many errors poped up. The typical errorswere justlike:
error: operand of __uuidof must have a class or enum type for which __declspec(uuid("...")) has been specified
error: function override has incompatible calling convention
error: class "ATL::_NoAddRefReleaseOnCComPtr" has no member "..."
error: object of abstract class type "SomeClass" is not allowed

Composer VS2008 Integration Beta problem


In my VS 2008 solution I have one Lib-type project (Configuration type: Static library). Everything worked fine with release version of Composer (up to Upgrade 6). Since I installed Composer Beta (now Upgrade 1 installed), Lib-type project stopped to compile, I have the following error message:

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