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Fatal compilation error: Out of memory

I have a solution that compiles ok with VS2008 + IntelC++ v11.1.
I port this solution to VS2010 + Intel ComposerXE Update11, and compiles fine in debug with VS compiler. But when I try to compile in Release mode with Intel compiler, one of the projects fail with out of memory Error. ( RAM usage reaches 7 Gb of RAM then fail ) ( I have 12Gb RAM Windows 7 Pro x64 )
Todas las salidas estn actualizadas.
C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\Composer XE 2011 SP1\\bin\\ia32\\xilink.exe ...........

problem to use NVCC (cuda) with Intel C/C++ 12.x

I have a project including host .C files and .CU files for NVidia Cuda Compilation. The project is OK for MS C compilation but fails when I switch to Intel C. The message code is :

>Performing Custom Build Step (Microsoft VC++ Environment)
1>nvcc fatal : A single input file is required for a non-link phase when an outputfile is specified

Any idea ?



Amplifier is not finding source code in VS2008 project

Hi I've used amplifier succesfully in a several cases but now I'm stumped. I have a relatively simple project and everything is showing up as unknown. Meaning the actual source code in the project is not found. Only assembly, It's not allowing me to manually find the code either. I'm running on a Xeon 8 core, Windows 7, VS2008 sp1, latest update for Parallel Amplifier. I am running release with debug on I have tried setting the source/pdb directories I have tried building everything 64bit I have tried building the dependencies as static libs & dll's

Some initial issues, variable types and long doubles treatment


Do long doubles need a special treatment? Anyone know a reason why the would stop working properly?

I've recently started to migrate my project to Paralell Studio.
So far, the setup is ok, and I have sample projects up and running, that use Intel C++ compiler.
Now, I have problems with the main project. It is a DirectX 3d software, and it uses a wide set of libraries.
Program loads and starts and I can tell that it is running, however, it is not working as expected, because none of the objects are being positioned.

[SOLVED] can't install on ubuntu 12.04

I want to install parallel_studio_xe_2011_sp1_update2_ia32 on ubuntu 12.04. after checking the licence it stops because of prerequisites without a clear message. here is the message:

Step no: 4 of 6 | Options > Unresolved Critical Prerequisite(s)


There is one or more critical unresolved issues which prevents the installation

from continuing. You can fix it without exiting from the installation and


Intel Software Manager

Guys, this software manger is nice and all, but...

1. There should be a more prominent notice that it is going to be installed -- maybe some users will get irritated when it pops up first time they start Visual Studio.
2. Download speed is very poor -- on 1MB/sec (megabyte, not megabit) capable link it is downloading with only 250KB/sec.

I suggest the following improvements:

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