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"Not authorised" to access Intel premier support


This is another duplicate post but all the posts I've found have been fixed internally by Intel without giving any way of fixing it ourselves. Is this worth a sticky post of some sort?

I have current Parallel Studio XE C++ 2015 license with support until 2016. I've clicked on the 'activate support' link in the registration center several times. However I'm still completely unable to access Intel premier support at As soon as I put in my login details I get the message "

Not Authorized to Access

Remote Activation in Windows 8.1

I have a brand new copy of Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 12.1 that I am installing on a laptop w/o internet access.   Using Remote Activation I obtained the machine key and unlock code from the Intel registration web site.   When the unlock key is entered on the laptop setup screen, I get the message "The response entered is incorrect".    Is this older version incompatible with W 8.1?    How do I get the product activated?

Remote Activation Failure

I am installing Intel Parallel Studio XE Fortran using remote activation for a machine not on the web.   I provided the machine key and got an unlock key.   When the unlock key is entered on the setup screen I get an error - "The response entered is incorrect".  I have used copy/paste from the remote activation web page and have checked the code entered in setup matches the code provided by Intel.   I need to complete this installation as soon as possible to release the laptop for use by an employee.   TM Luniewski

Unable to Register or Download

I am unable to download or register a new copy of intel parallel studio xe2015 single user.  I am not able to register the product or download the production.  The registration page stalls and crashes.  This has been going on for two weeks.  Is the site down or broken. Also I tried to copy a beta copy of the software and the site also crashed. 

Student License Serial number not working


I have a student license for Parallel Studio XE 2013 that expired at the end of last year. I just refreshed my PC and was trying to install the products again, but I got this message upon activation:

"Activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. This could be due to expired subscription or incompatible serial number".

Standalone Install Intel Debugger (gdb-ia)

Our application is a fortran based application. The standard GDB that comes with Linux is not sufficient in debugging issues on production systems. We would like to install GDB-IA on those servers. Can I just install GDB-IA without instlling the entire package? If so, how please respond with the syntax? Is the version of GDB-IA that comes with compoer2015 backwards to prior versions?

Registration not moving to allowing downloads

On the weekend I registered the Real Sense camera so we could download the SDK and start testing.

It required me to register the device, which I did.  Then it would say I'd get an E-mail shortly with instructions to get the SDK.  No E-mail came.  Not to junk mail, nothing.  I've confirmed the E-mail address can get external E-mail and up until now I've been getting other Intel E-mails to the account no problem.

About Fortran Compiler Licence Activation

Hello I have a question about Fortran compiler activation,

our group bought "Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ Windows* " from your company recently.

During the installation, I use .lic file to install it, and it was installed successfully,

however, when I tried to run my fortran program, the system shows 


Error 1 Error A license for FCompW could not be obtained

Error 2 error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license ifort


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