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Problem in Licensing Parallel Studio XE 2015 update 3



I recently registered at Intel and got the academic license for Parallel Studio XE 2015 and i downloaded update 3 from the website. I am unable to cross the licensing step.


I have tried the use serial number to activate and install product option but it says that i am not connected to internet although internet is working find with commands like apt-get update etc.


The license file provided is invalid


I am a software developer using Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1. I am having some problems installing this software on my computer after Intel stopped providing unlock codes. After going through the installer and requesting a license file from Intel, I receive the message "The license file provided is invalid". I have contacted Intel through email with this problem but was redirected here.

I will provide a more detailed explanation below with pictures, hopefully everyone will be able to see them.

Can not find/download Intel License Manager Flex lm


I'm not able to register our floating license, because we currently do not have a License Manager Flex lm installed. It seems to me, that I'm not able to get the "Intel License Manager Flex lm" without registering the product. Where can we download the Intel License Manager Flex lm?

We are not able to contact Premium support without registering, so we have a big problem.



Not receiving the license file upon request by email

I am following the instructions from:

and trying to get the license file sent to my email address. However, I get the helpful message:

"Error: Operation complete successful"

which is confusing. The license file is never sent. Could you please help me to understand why this is? I am trying to install the Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta.

Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 4 not accepting my licence

Hi, I'm trying to install the update, and successfully enter my licence key but when I get to the stage of selecting the components to install it tells me "Valid licence was not found". According to the registration centre my subscription is valid for this product and active until Jan 2016. How do I fix this? John

General Question regarding Old Licenses

From what I understand, once a license expires, you can continue to use the installed product but will not be able to download and install any updates. Let say after a few years, you need to move the associated compiler (whose license has now expired) to a new computer.  Can you use the original license (now expired) to install the original compiler (available during the time the original license was active) on a new computer? 

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