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Redirected to an error page when trying get Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Hi, I am currently a student. I had a non-commercial license but it has recently expired. Now I want to apply for a new non-commercial license and am trying get the Intel® Parallel Studio XE from this link in this page. But I am redirected to this error page, saying that I should provide a serial number first.

The serial number provided for students' usage does not work during installation for me:...

The serial number provided for students' usage does not work during installation for me:

"Installation cannot proceed"

"installation cannot proceed. You do not have enough licenses to install all the components of this package"


Does any one know why?

Activation fails for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 3

Hi all,
I wonder of my unsuccessful efforts to install Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update3 (2015.3.187) neither using license file nor serial number! When the license (serial) number is issued, the installation process stalls with the message of "no Internet connection" for the license server. If I use the license file made online from Intel, I can finish the installation process with "offline activation", but any ifort or icc  call fails with error message.

During activation unable to obtain unlock code

I am trying to install the Fortran compiler on a new box as my old one has died.

I downloaded the latest version of the compiler locally on the pc.  During the install process I perform the following steps.

1. Click on the "I have a serial number and want to active and install my product"

2. Get error message of:
"Install program failed to establish Internet connection for activation.  You will now be taken to offline activation steps." [due to company firewall]

This populates step 2 with an activation code:

Account verification incomplete


I've registered my products and followed the email directions:

"We appreciate your Intel product registration. There is a delay for the final configuration of your support account. Please wait approximately 1 hour and click here <removed license info>  to complete the configuration."


I've waited more than an hour (approx. 21 hours) and I still get:

Identifying who registered a serial number in our organization


I recently joined a company as a system admin and one of our responsibilities is to keep track of license. Unfortunately, the previous IT staff did not keep track of this information.

What I'm left with now is a long list of serial numbers, and I need to identify a) who registered them b) if they're in active use and c) on which machine they're installed.

Have floating license... can designate one user on a local license?


I've got a floating license for Composer XE. Works fine, but I've got one remote user - he connects to our network over VPN - and he's saying there's a three-second delay each time his compiler needs to contact our license server. This is causing his builds to take forever. Is there a way to remeidate this? Perhaps give him a local license so that his system doesn't need to contact our flexlm server?


-Mike M.

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