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What licences have been purchased, how can I manage?

My company has probably bought hundreds of licences over the years. Probably purchased by differing purchasing staff in differing locations. But, I need to get a handle on the licences in the UK.


Background, we have had a server crash and as a result lost licences that users are screaming about. That device will never be recovered. We are trying to get the licence file details. But this raises a wider issue that I do not know what other licences there are held by the company where.


how to use silent mode to install Intel® Parallel Studio XE Suites


    I download, and sh --help. After that, I see -s, --silent [FILE] run install silently, with settings in the configuration file. However, I do not know the format of configuration file. Is there any more reference to talk about the format of configuration file?

Is it possible to floating licensing through internet?


I have a floating license w/ 2 seats for intel fortran compiler. I set the floating license host server as a desktop at my office. 

My question is: Is it possible for me to use my laptop at home as a client and run the fortran compiler? I couldn't figure out how to do that. When I run the lmtools.exe on my laptop and do the perform status enquiry, it always says the following:

Intel Software Manager silently fails to activate

I've been trying to register/"Activate" several intel software packages, and despite informing me: "Congratulations! Your purchased product has been activated.", They're not activated. In the registration center, I get "No Products found! If you haven't registered your products, please register."

I've noticed the following in ism.log:

Flex license and BootCamp VMware


I am using Parallel Studio XE 2013 on Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro. Windows has been installed on its own partition (With the BootCamp drivers). But Windows can be started both natively, or using VMware Fusion from Mac OSX. It seems to drive the licensing system crazy and Intel programs don't want to start from VMware/Windows as they have been installed natively on Windows. Do you have any solution for that problem ?


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