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ifort License Problem

It has been working fine since I upgraded to the 2015 version back in September, but recently I was using the Intel Software Manager and clicked 'Activate' because I wasn't sure if I had everything setup properly, then entered my serial number and now I get this:

MacBook-Pro-2:NBody Doymand$ ifort -c

Cannot install Composer XE 2015 trial on Mac OS X 10.7

Hi all,

I have registered for a trial version of Parallel Composer XE 2015 and promptly received the email with the download link. Whenever I launch the installer on my macbook air with Lion (OSX 10.7) after accepting the License Agreement I choose "I want to evaluate this product" from the activation options; then as soon as I enter the admin password for my laptop I get "Activating evaluation license failed".

How can I solve this?

Thank you in advance

Can't access Intel Premier Support "Not Authorized to Access"


We have a problem on license server hosting the " Itel Composer XE for Windows, so we have to change the license server.

For this action, we need to request a new license file but  we can't access the Intel Premier Support Page.

When, I attempt to log into the Intel Premiere Support page to log an issue.. It takes my userid/password, then redirects me to a page that simply says

"Not Authorized to Access"

Could you check ?


We just want to link with MKL libs using Visual Studio: how many licences do we need?

My team would like to link MKL libs into our dll that we redistribute (over an in-house grid/cluster)

We do not want to use Intel Parallel Studio, which appears to be the only way to get MKL.

What are the licensing requirements for us to:

place mkl libs in a shared repository accessible by all our developers,

have each developer be able to link in just the 3 or so libs that we need

redistribute (in-house) the libs via the dll that we build


In particular, does each developer workstation that has a copy of the libs need a licence?

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