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Comparison operator overridden in extending types

Dear All,

I have some problems with the == operator when using Intel 15. Below the self containing example demonstrating the issue. IMHO, the comparison between instances of the derived types calls the wrong routine (the one of the base type instead of the overriden one of the extending type), when the instances are accessed via class pointers of the base type. Other compilers do it differently, and although I do not have a detailed knowledge of the standard, the behaviour feels incorrect. Any views on that?

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ifort might return an incorrect C_BOOL .true. in iso_c_binding

Hi Forum members

Following code consisting of a fortran function  and  client in c,   is giving the wrong result

ifort  -std03  foo.f90:

module foo


    function bar() bind( c )

      use, intrinsic :: iso_c_binding
      implicit none
      logical(kind=c_bool) :: bar

      bar = .true.

    end function bar
end module foo

icc -std=c99 main.c

Error While running VASP with Intel ifort, mkl and mpif90 (openmpi)

I did installed VASP executable successfully, only I changed FC=mpif90 (openmpi compiled using Intel compiler) whatever you mentioned in the following link

But I got the following error while running,

mpirun -np 4 /opt/VASP/vasp.5.3/vasp

this gives the error as follows, 

debug options

Dear all,

Usually, when I compile, I use the option -CB in order to check the correct allocations of my vector.  Is there any option to check the variables that I do not use in my code?

Thanks a lot

cycle velocity

Dear all,

I have a very simple question. If I have two vector, let's say AA(:) and BB(:), what is between the following options the faster one?





AA(:) = BB(:)

thanks a lot

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