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old 32-bit compiler vs 64-bit compiler trouble - array values

Hello, A program is seg faulting due to Common array values not being constant through subroutines.  This did not occur on our old 32-bit machine, but it has appeared in our new 64-bit machine.  

Old machine is running Intel(R) Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 8.1.  New machine is running Intel(R) Fortran 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version

The same include files which initialize the array are found in both .f but the values are not constant though the program in the new machine like the old one.

Compiling with -check bounds

I have looked at this thread - and I have recompiled my code with -check bounds. However this does not print as output anywhere that array boundaries have been exceeded.

However if there is a subroutine that is having an array declared as  (*)  will that mean this will bypass all array bound checking ?




Optimization question: Using temporary variables instead of direct array access


lately I've seen a piece of code out of a famous scientific article, which is known for its fastness. In it the author always uses temporary variables to restrict access to array elements to a minimum. For example in a inner loop for a recurrent formula he uses:

real :: temp
real :: p(:)
do i=2,m
    ... some read access to 'temp' 
        for other variables...
end do

I personally would prefer:

gFortran to iFortran static build

Background: I maintain a large legacy Fortran77 code with that has, for many years, been successfully compiled and linked under a c-shell with gFortran and g++, now under OS X Yosemite. I am moving the code from gFortran to Intel Fortran in an attempt to address some 32-bit pointer issues that seem to be cropping up as I increase the size of internal arrays. My first attempt to compile the Fortran code with ifort was successful but the link to the c++ binary is problematic as I need to access the static Intel 64-bit fortran libraries like I do under gFortran.

install option desired

I would like an install option that does not appear to be offered.

We have set aside a couple of our Linux Intel Fortran licenses for use in classified military environments.  Typically, we will install ifort to support an event for a couple of weeks, then remove all of our files after we are done.

Due to being in a secure environment with no Internet access, and system administrators who are paid to be "paranoid", we do an offline install limited to the user. This installs the compiler under ~/intel (i.e., /home/user/intel) and we extend $PATH with ~/intel/bin

Problem with graphic functions in visual fortran

Dear Team,

I have a fortran code written actually in windows platform. I am changing it into linux platform. While converting from windows to linux, i have been encountering few errors in linux platform. One such problem is related to derived types, which is related to graphics function. The error is as follows:

The error in the code is "This derived type name has not been declared (wxycoord; poly)" and "This name must be the name of the variable with a derived type <structure type> <poly>". The subroutine is given here.

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