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Errors in writing output file using ifort

I am converting some code from NAG to ifort 9.0. I am reading a 9022x3086 1 byte data array and i am using -assume byterecl and increasing my ulimit to do this and it all works fine. I then do some processing on the array that turns it into a 2byte int data array. I then open a file sequentially to write a header and then the data array.

OPEN(unit=nimrod_store(id)%ref, file=TRIM(nimrod_store(id)%name), &

status="replace", action="write", &

access="sequential", form="unformatted")


! Write the header data

linux intel fortran dialogue box


I would like to display a warning message using Intel Linux Fortran. The equivalent Visual fortran line code are :

use dfwin
use dfwinty

implicit none

integer :: i

character*100 :: lpszmessage, lpszheader

lpszmessage = ' warning message 'c

i = messagebox(0,lpszmessage,lpszheader,ior(mb_systemmodal,mb_ok))

Can someone help me to do this.

Thank you


Intel Fortran 9.1.027 for Max OS X...

This morning I came to work to find an e-mail from Intel telling me that Intel Fortran 9.1.027 for Macintosh was available. I have downloaded it, but the README and release notes fail to address a couple of questions:

1) Running the installer I get Install buttons, not Upgrade buttons. Should 9.1.024 be un-installed first?

2) The release notes tell us what's new in 9.1 and refers us to the README file for information on what's new in the .027 version. The README has no such information. What does 9.1.027 fix relative to 9.1.024?

fortcom terminated by kill signal - multi-file optimization

I'm trying to compile a utility called MM5toGrADS, which converts output data from the MM5 atmospheric model into a format suitable for input into the GrADS display suite. My machine (Celeron D with 256MB RAM) runs Debian Linux (2.4.27 kernel). MM5toGrADS requires the use of either the Portland Group or Intel Fortran compiler; I chose to use Intel. I tried to install the compiler from the RPM, but it failed, so I converted the package to a .deb and installed it that way.

Error compiling with ifort 9.1

Dear IFC developers,

I'm trying to compile a code with ifc 9.1.032 (em64t). I encountered some errors, which are very similar to one old post in this board here:

I didn't get any error message while compiling with ifc 9.0.

Any suggestions?

#ifort ./para_p.f -o ./para_p.o

fortcom: Error: ./para_p.f, line 136: Unbalanced parentheses

Mysterious failure to build a static library

OK- yesterday I tried to build my library using ifort 9.1.024 and XCode 2.2.0. Then I noticed that XCode 2.2.1 is the minimum version.

So today I downloaded XCode 2.3 and installed it. First I uninstalled ifort using the script. It wasn't entirely successful, but I forged onward. I re-installed ifort after installing XCode 2.3. Now I get this result from building my static library:

Building target IgorFortran of project Igor with configuration Debug

dynamic_cast is turned into whatever_cast by -lxca when linking C++ and FORTRAN.


I'm making a program in c++ that include som fortran modules. When I link the total program I need to use a library called -lcxa. If I don't use it I get a lot of linking error messages.


undefined reference to 'for_read_seq_xmit'.

BUT if I use it, then dynamic_cast does't work. When I use dynamic_cast it casts to wathever.

Like this:

class Base;

class SubclassA: public Base;

class SubclassB : public Base;

Base *base = new SubclassA ( );

SubclassB *b= dynamic_cast ( base );

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