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Problems exiting subroutines


I have been using Fortran software written by a former associate of mine which was written and debugged on a Sun workstation; I am not sure which compiler, but it is likely to be rather old. I have now recompiled them in Linux using Ifort 9.0, and am experiencing some difficulties that seem to be related to system or compiler compatability.

Passing non-consecutive array indicies

I am working on porting code I didn't write from pgf90 to ifort and I have run into a difference between the two compilers I don't know how to fix.

Here is an example. I have a matrix A which is 5 by 7 elements. Based on tests elsewhere in the code, I construct a vector of "good" rows. So I have good_rows who's values are {1,2,4,5}.

Now, with pgf90 I can pass just the good elements via something like this

call workfn(A(good_rows,:),...)

Generic procedures and -real_size switch

Hi to everybody,

In my F90 program I use generic procedures. An unexpected behaviour I have found in ifort 9.0 (maybe in others, I have not tried) is shown in the following example:

module Mod_Example
implicit none

interface Generic_Procedure
module procedure Specific_Procedure
end interface Generic_Procedure

subroutine Specific_Procedure(x)
real, intent(in) :: x

write(*,*) x

ifort 9.0 segmentation fault

Hi all!

I use...

Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 9.0 Build 20051201Z Package ID: l_fc_c_9.0.031
Copyright (C) 1985-2005 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

...on a linux machine running RedHatEL4...

Linux lpaspc76 2.6.9-34.ELsmp #1 SMP Fri Feb 24 16:54:53 EST 2006 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

...and try to compile the following code...

forrtl: severe (180): SIGBUS, bus error occurred

I have installed the intel fortran 9.1.024 on a Power Mac Pro with Intel Core Duo processor. I also have source code of NAG 19 fortran library coming from an old Alpha computer that I have compiled on this Mac computer using Intel Fortran.

Now I an using this routine F02FAF ( that is noting else than a LAPACK routine. After the compilation of the code
I have the following message error:

Intel Fortran Compiler 9 on Ubuntu Dapper


I am migrating from Ubuntu 5.10 to its new version Ubuntu 6.06 (dapper). i got a problem during installation of IFC 9 which says the following packages are not found:




while i have these packages instead:



and i can not find glibc in synaptic and there is only glibc-doc (!!!!)

is there any solution for this problem?

i think it will be very useful if IFC developers present this compiler for Ubuntu since it is the most popular distribution.

Thanks in advance,

Create static libraries from collection of modules


I'm trying to create a (static) library from a collection of modules, say 'module a' and 'module b' (source in two separate files a.f90 and b.f90). I could compile and create an archive using 'ar cr archive.a a.o b.o'.

Now the problem/issue: I'd like to "dump" all the module interface information, which is now in a.mod and b.mod in a *single* .mod file (say archive.mod), so that I could then 'use archive' inside a program.

error 139 :compatibility issues with ifort

hi all,
i am using the intel compiler 'ifort' on an intel itanium (2) 64 bit machine.
My aim is to install a custom molecular simulation software.i am carrying out a `make` operation (OS:red hat linux enterprise edition).while the 'gmake' works on a P4 32 bit machine using the GNU fortran compiler G77,it does not work on an itanium machine using ifort.

the file

how to write multiple time step files

All,I want to open mutiple time step file eg. q005.dat, q015.dat, ..................... q995.dat., and write formattted solution(CFD) data on it. There will be hundreds of them, each for one time steps.I have been able to open a file and write a time step data on it. How can I extend to several files........?Any help will be highly appreciated.Regards,

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