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i'm trying to run my program after compilation and i
get this messege
forrtl: info: Fortran error message number is 24.
forrtl: warning: Could not open message catalog:
forrtl: info: Check environment variable NLSPATH and protection of /usr/lib/
i'm using intel fortarn compiler 80 on fedora core 2

Strange behavior with OpenMP

Here is a strange behavior when I compile my code with OpenMP.
My code is:
PROGRAM test02
INTEGER,PARAMETER ::n1=1, n2=100
REAL :: a(n1-1:n2+1)

DO i = n1, n2
a(i) = 2+i

CALL sub02(a,n1,n2)

SUBROUTINE sub02(a,n1,n2)
INTEGER :: n1,n2
REAL :: a(n1-1:n2+1)

DO i = n1, n2
WRITE(*,*) i, a(i)
WRITE(*,*) "------"

Meet Intel Engineers at Supercomputing 2004

If you are attending Supercomputing 2004 (November 6-12, Pittsburgh, PA -, please be sure to stop by the Intel booth for a demo of the latest Intel Software Development Tools, including compilers, performance analyzers, high-performance libraries, and more. I'll be there all week and look forward to meeting all who can make it.

set command in idb

That is the source :

PROGRAM main !1
CHARACTER(LEN=3) :: s !2
s='abc' !4
PRINT*, s(1:1) !6
PRINT*, s(1:2) !7
PRINT*, s(1:3) !8
END PROGRAM main !10

$ifort -g main.f90 ; a.out

$ idb a.out
Linux Application Debugger for 32-bit applications, Version 7.3.1, Build 20031003
object file name: a.out
Reading symbolic information ...done
(idb) stop at "main.f90":3
[#1: stop at "main.f90":4 ]
(idb) run

Installing v8.1 with v8.0

Hi all.

Upon trying to install version 8.1 on our cluster this afternoon, I found that the installation required me to uninstall version 8.0 first.

This is bad news. We have many users who will want to continue using version 8.0 and MPI environments built upon it while we phase in and evaluate the latest version.
In fact, we still have users who work with MPI tools based upon the v7.1 compilers...

Removal of the previous version was never a pre-requisite for versions 5, 6, 7 and 8.0. Why has this changed now?

flush error

Hi, all,

I have got a problem when using the internal function flush.

call flush(88)

The error message for the above command is
undefined reference to `flush_'

The manual says this is a internal lib function. Even when I specified the path of the lib, '-L/opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/lib', in the compiling line, it doesn't work. Could anyone help me out?



Program seg faults at start up, and debugger also fails

I'm using Redhat 7.1 and ifort v8.1. I am compiling some Fortran code which links with the HDF5 library (from Carnegie Mellon Univ) - other programs work find with this. But this one seg faults on start up.

I have tried to debug with idb but it also fails:

> idb hexp
Linux Application Debugger for 32-bit applications, Version 8.1-3, Build 20040715
object file name: hexp
Error: could not start debuggee
Could not start process for hexp
No image loaded ... Recovering ...

Ifort LAPACK and Fedora core 2


I have just installed ifort under fedora core 2 but it
doesn't work properly.
I can compile and run simple prgorams.
I can compile and run the tests on BLAS
but when I try to compile LAPACK (downloaded form netlib)
it hangs. Well I should say that it builds the
executables successfully but hangs when it tries to execute them.
It hangs on to start with on ./testslamch.

I tried compiling with and without optimization but with
no success.

Any suggestions ?



ifort 8.1, icc 8.1, and fftw

I have tried in vain to get an application, built with ifort version 8.1, to link against the fftw3 library. Below are some attempts.

(i) link application against system-prebuilt libfftw3 (system is SUSE Linux 9.1, gcc version is 3.3.3):

This should work in principle. Linking is only possible against the .so version of the non-ifort library. The .a version claims missing symbols, although all relevant symbols are included with one and two underscores appended.

The version linked against .so runs without crashing. however produces bogus results.

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