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Feature request: individual warning flags

It would be nice if ifort would use numbered diagnostics, and allow flags to modify the severity of an individual diagnostic as error, warning, remark, or ignore, such as is possible with the Intel C compiler (as well as many other compilers).

This seems like an obvious feature to include, even though it is mostly cosmetic. And, it's proabbly better to implement before things get more complicated with F2003+ features.

help with diagnosing segmentation fault

Hi there,
I'm pretty familiar with segfaults but this one is proving a bit of a stumbling block.
I allocate an array and pass it to a subroutine. In the routine if I try to access the array element by element all is fine but if I try even the simplest whole array expression, i.e.
print*, array
it segfaults. Actually I can even apply the size(array, n) functions and get the results I expect.
Compiling with -C -traceback doesn't give any extra information which is a bit strange.

error while loading shared libraries:

Dear all,

I am running an environmental program, but it breaks in the middle with the next error:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

I think that '' is a 'Portland Group', so my question is:

There is an Intel librrary to replace that one?

Thanks for all

How to write file larger than 2GB?

I compiled a program using ifort 9.0 for linux. The scratch file which the program writes is very large. And the program abort when the scratch file size reaches 2.1GB. I'm wondering if this problem could be resolved by adding a flag or something else in the compliation process?

My OS is SUSE 10, i386 arch. I downloaded a file with 3.4GB, so I guess my OS support file larger than 2.1GB.

Fortran Samples?

I noticed that Visual Fortan has some sample code. I might be nice to have some samples for Linux Fortran.

In looking at the VS9 samples, I noticed quite a few non-standard feature. Using '.' instead of '%' for structure member selectors is nic; it would be nice if that were standard Fortran. However, I'm not sure the non-standard hex syntax is an improvement over the Z'...' syntax. I also think .AND. as a binary operator is a bit misleading. Why not have .IAND., etc. ?

But, overall, this:

FPCW = CTX.FloatSave.ControlWord .AND. 16#0000FFFF

Cray pointers used as procedure pointers

The IVF release 9 reference manual states that the pointee of a Cray pointer cannot be in a generic interface block.

(a) Can we assume from this that the pointee can point to a procedure, as long as it is not in an interface block?

(b) Do the Windows and Linux versions of the compiler differ in this regard?

(c) How about uprating the manual, and the release notes, to advertize the fact that pointers to procedures are possible in IVF? SURELY I'm not the only person in the world that thinks this is an important feature?

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