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allocatable in derived type


my code works ok with ifort 9.0.021.
I've just installed 9.0.031 and it no more works.
I've found what was going wrong, which can be illustrated with this little example :

program test

type t
real*8, allocatable :: d(:,:)
end type t

type(t) :: tab(2)

call alloc(tab)


subroutine alloc(tab)

type(t), intent(out) :: tab(:)

end subroutine alloc

end program test

Segmentation fault with multiple large arrays declared COMMON


I am getting a segmentation fault error using seven (7) large arrays declared as COMMON variables (see =CASE 1= below); No segmentation fault occurs if I comment out the COMMON declaration line in the same program (See =CASE 2= below); And even more interesting, if I change the code such that I use only one array declared as COMMON variable, even if I set the dimensions of this array so it is larger that the sum of all the seven arrays in my previous case, it does not give a segmentation fault!! (see =CASE 3= below).

wrong results for optimized compilation


I have some trouble with Intels Fortran-Compiler
ifort Version 9.0 on our Linux/Itanium platform.

Below you will find a short test program and a
test data file to demonstrate the problem.

program test
do i = 1, 1
nComp = 0
if(nComp == 4) exit
nComp = nComp + 1
write(*,*) 'before do', nComp
do j = 1, nComp
write(*,*) ' after do', nComp
900 continue

Problem with the istallation of l_fc_c_9.0.031

I installed the compiler using all the default settings and I am able to compile without getting any kind of warning, but when I try to lunch the compiled program I got the following:

./XMAIN.o: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

the command used to compile should be the rigth one (ifort XEMAIN.f90 -o XEMIN.o) where , of course, XEMAIN.f90 is the source.

How to compile file with .f95 extension

Is it possible to compile file with .f95 extension ? According to the manual/UG, this extension is not recognized by ifort. Any tricks to do this anyway ? I am trying to compile a codebase that has .f95 extension for some of the files, and I don't really want to rename the files.

I am using Intel Fortran compiler for Linux, version 8.1. This is what I get when compiling file with .f95 extension:

$> ifort -c example.f95

ifort: Command line warning: no action performed for specified file(s).

Gelato ICE: Itanium Conference & Expo, April 23-26, San Jose, CA

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