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ifort 64 bit & 32 bit compiler

I have a doubt about ifort_64 compiler. I compiled and ran
program using ifort_64
[dshetty@rob ~]$ ifort_64 testd1.f
[dshetty@rob ~]$ ./a.out
1 2.225073858507201E-308
2 1.797693134862316E+308
3 1.110223024625157E-016
4 2.220446049250313E-016
5 0.301029995663981

and when the same program compiled with ifort on the same machine

Problems on Debian Install of Intel Fortran compiler

$ uname -a
Linux richard-debian 2.6.22-2-amd64 #1 SMP Thu Aug 30 23:43:59 UTC 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux

From reading past messages from the group, I made sure that both and were available under /usr/lib.

I also installed the following packages:


During the installation, the following message is still being generated:


ifort under Suse 10.3

I read that ifort is not supported for Suse 10.3, because of a too high version of glibc. I tried to use the latest version (10.0.026) for configuring lam-7.1.4, which didnt work. I got the following error message:

ifort -O conftestf.f conftest.o -o conftest
ld: /usr/lib/crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory.

Is there a way to get it run under that distribution anyway, without beeing an absolute Linux-Geek? I was using Suse 10.1 before, but yast is broken there, which was one of the main reasons for updating.

Best Regards,

line breaks

Hi, and here another question:

I noticed that standard output (e.g. print* or write(*,*)) gives me line breaks when outputting to stdout or files.

I would like to change the default behaviour of this. I can do something like


in open statements but I'd much rather change the default behaviour since I do not want to change code. I have never noticed this with compilers I used before (mostly Pathscale but also Portland, absoft, etc.). Am I missing something?

Thanks, Jan

MKL on ubuntu

I am trying to install the MKL on ubuntu Gutsy. I managed to get the compiler up and running but the install script crashes with:

Please type a selection or Serial Number: XXXX-XXXXXXXX

The Intel Software Setup Assistant may attempt to connect to the
Intel Registration Center to validate your Serial Number. This may take
several minutes depending on your network. Please wait...

You may press Ctrl+C to cancel.
./ line 332: 14577 Floating point exception$install_prog $@

-diag-enable sv3 related warnings (empty strings & module procedure calls)

Apparently, with the command-line option

-diag-enable sv3

enabled, the following line of code (write an empty character to stdout) gives a warning:

write(*,*) ""

warning #12137: [SV] length of substring is non-positive

Is this not good? And if so, why?

The following (Explicitly writing a carriage return) does not generate a warning:

write(*,*) char(13)

and neither does (with space):

write(*,*) " "

I also get a lot of the following warnings (related to module procedure interfaces):

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