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Option "--sort-section" passed by Ifort can not work fine with ld

To any Intel employee,

Ifort compiler (9.0) passes (in my x86-64 platform, RHEL4-update2 system) to linker ld (2.15.92) a serie of implicit parameters. Some of them can not be understood by ld (see an example in the last reply (last lines) of section: Can ifort 9.0 work with ld linker of Red Hat Enterprise 4????).

Specificaly, the parameters are:

"--sort-section " and I believe "name" (???)

fpp problem (ifort 9.0.27)

Dear all,
I've got a strange problem in preprocessing. The (over-)simplified code reads:

program pippo
#if defined PIPPO
print*, 'PIPPO'
#elif defined PLUTO
print*, 'PLUTO'
#elif defined TOPOLINO
print*, 'TOPOLINO'
print*, 'CIAO'
end program pippo

If I do:
ifort -fpp -DPIPPO -DTOPOLINO pippo.f90; ./a.out

it prints 'PIPPO' and 'CIAO' which should not be the case,
if I understand correctly.

No such file or directory

I know this may sound stupid but i got a problem =)
You may heard this a thousand times but here i go again:

I downloaded and installed succesfully ( in Default dir ):
| Download Intel Math Kernel Libraries for engineering, | scientific & financial applications___version 8.0.1

Everything was going great till I tried to compile a Fortran program and i had trouble but managed to compile it succesfully after half an hour!

Where to get 64-bit version (fce) for non-commercial use

Hello all,
I have read in other posts to this forum that the non-commericial license will work with the 64-bit version of the compiler. However, I cannot seem to find this 'fce' version. The Premier support page gives a 403 error. I have registered and the only link is to the 32-bit version (fc). Is there anyway that someone can provide a direct link to this software??


Derived Types and Modules

Hello there:
Its there a way i can use the primitive data types included inside a derived type declared on a separated module as arguments in a subroutine on the file that contains the main program?

for example:


derived type :: example1
primitive real :: argument 1

main file

subroutine example_1(argument 1)

Normally fortran throws an error saying that the variables are duplicated if u use these as arguments

Failure to install in 64 bit platforms because of the name

I have noticed that the Intel Fortran compiler for 64 bit Xeon processor fails to install in Suse Linux 10. The reason is the name of the platform. Suse thinks that it is a x86_64, but Intel thinks it is em64t. Users find that the software does not install, and will have no clue of why.

What is the problem with naming the architecture of packages x86_64?

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