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different ouput with -g and -O0

I am getting different output from my program depending on wether I
compile (ifort 8.1.034) it with -g or -O0 (the only parameters used). Even more
confusing, I get changes in the output when I put a write(*,*) 'TEST'
in my program (line 281). This happens on my system (Pentium M, Suse
Linux 9.3, kernel as well as on an other system
(Pentium 4, Suse Linux 9.0, kernel 2.4.21-215-default) but here with
even other output values.
The program is quite big for being a test case but the two parts it

How to get this makefile compiled in ubuntu

Ive got a intel pro 1000t ( Intel 82544 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers ) and I cant get this card installed on my ubuntu machine,. I have looked and looked online for hours now and I cant find any damn help about it. Mind you I have only been working with linux for 2 weeks so Im a total retard with this. Ill need step by step instructions on doing this so any help is GREATLY appreciated.

error compiling with ifort (9.0)

Hello forum,

Im rather new to fortran (and linux) but do need it for university.

I now have the following problem when compiling a f90-program :

different error messages occur regarding the FORMAT statement and I can`t figure out why:

700 FORMAT (1X,1H,68(1H),1H)

compiler errors:
Syntax error, found END-OF-STATEMENT when expecting one of: ) ...
700 FORMAT (1X,1H,68(1H),1H)

The format list is missing parentheses as delimiters. [)]
700 FORMAT (1X,1H,68(1H),1H)

Problems with OpenMP: internal compiler error in 9.1


I have a problem in parallelizing a do-loop using OpenMP. I have a do-loop with a lot of operations in it. The used data for the operations is read from an array which IS NOT altered by the do-loop. At the end of the do-loop an entry in a different array is updated. A sketch could be as follows:

do j = 0, Ny

!read data from a never-changing array
dummy1 = A(:,j)

do i = 0, Nx

!read more data from another never-changing array
dummy2 = B(i,j)

!perform computations with the read data

Using the Debugger with Auto-Parallelization


I'm trying to compile some old code that could really make use of the new multi-processor computer in the office. However, if I use the flages "-fast -parallel -mtune=pentium4", the program terminates prematurely without error. If I compile with no special flags, the program runs as it does on the 32-bit Windows machine compiled using Lahey v5.7. However, there is no performance increase.

Problems exiting subroutines


I have been using Fortran software written by a former associate of mine which was written and debugged on a Sun workstation; I am not sure which compiler, but it is likely to be rather old. I have now recompiled them in Linux using Ifort 9.0, and am experiencing some difficulties that seem to be related to system or compiler compatability.

Passing non-consecutive array indicies

I am working on porting code I didn't write from pgf90 to ifort and I have run into a difference between the two compilers I don't know how to fix.

Here is an example. I have a matrix A which is 5 by 7 elements. Based on tests elsewhere in the code, I construct a vector of "good" rows. So I have good_rows who's values are {1,2,4,5}.

Now, with pgf90 I can pass just the good elements via something like this

call workfn(A(good_rows,:),...)

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