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ifc 8.0 and mpich-1.2.5 problems with C troutines.


I compiled my program in serial mode and there is no any problem. However, I have encontered problems with mpi Linking. The following is my make file

F90 = mpif90
P3_PREPROC= $(F90) -fpp
P3_COMP = $(F90) $(OPT_LEVEL) -L/opt/mpich/intel_ia32/lib -fpp -DUSING_MPI -c -lmpich -lpmpich
P3_LINK = $(F90) $(OPT_LEVEL) -L/opt/mpich/intel_ia32/lib $(INCLUDEDIRS) -o $(PATHBASE)/pi3 $(FILES) -lmpich -lpmpich

Ifort 9.0 using > 1GB memory

I'm having some difficulty compiling CASTEP, a F90 plane-wave
electronic structure code with ifort Build 20050912Z Package ID: l_fc_c_9.0.027. While compiling one of the major modules the
fortcom process grows in size until it uses 1GB of memory. What happens next depends on the optimization level:

-O0 and -O1 : the compile succeeds

-O2 and -O3 on a machine with 1GB memory

ilio_malloc: out of memory -- 23dc405c bytes requested

fortcom: Severe: **Internal compiler error: internal abort**

mpif90 script error

MyPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH are setup and ifort works. Also I sourced the *.sh file and checked /usr/local/mpich/bin is already in my PATH. Still same message. I guess steve is right and there's something wrong with the mpif90 scripts. But I can't find it.

Any ideas please?

mpif90 problem

I keep getting the following message when I try to compile my code by mpif90:

/usr/local/mpich/bin/mpif90: line 332: eval: -c: invalid option
eval: usage: eval [arg ...]

I have included in my fortran code the lines:

include 'mpif.h'
include ''

but it makes no difference. Can someone help me out please?


Gaussian 03 compilation

Dear all,

I am trying to compile Gaussian03 with ifort 8.0.
Of course, I got some messages errors, that I do not understand.

Did anyone try and compile successfully Gaussian ?

Could you please send me your personal makefile ? (i386.make)

I got IPO mawrnings, undefined references, and so on ...

Best regards, and hope to find help.


Absoft fortran syntaxes


I have been compiling my frotran codes by absoft fortran compiler. I am going to have to compile my codes on a linux cluster which runs Intel Fortran, "iFort". When I attempt tocompile by simply: iFort , thereare shown errors for simply every letter I have typed in my code. I guess there must be a switch tofix this. I'd really appreciate any clues...

I have also tries different extensions for my filename.


linux fortran dialog box


I would like to program a dialog box using linux fortan complier. The equivalent visual program look like tihs :


use dfwin
use dfwinty ! loads parameter definitions
integer hWnd ! hWnd Can be NULL

integer iret
character*100 lpszMessage, lpszHeader

if( then

lpszMessage = "(I>0), Do You want to continue"C
lpszHeader = "ERROR MESSAGE"C

! If hWnd is null, the message box has no owner window...

Odd floating-point problem with -ipo and -ip flag on Itanium Linux Fortran

Hi everyone,

I have a strange floating point error problem with the -ipo optimization flag in Intel Fortran 9.0 (Itanium, Linux non-commercial version 9.0 Build 20050430 Package ID: l_fc_p_9.0.021). I compile a multi-file code as follows

ifort -O3 -ipo -g -c modes.f90
ifort -O3 -ipo -g aa.o bb.o ... modes.o -o prog

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