Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* and Mac OS X*

Installation Problem

I've installed the compiler, using all the default options and directories. However, when I try and run the sample problem, int_sin.f90, I get the message: "ifort: error: could not find linux directory based on g++" This may be a simple problem, but as I am new to LInux, I'm not to sure what to do, and can't find anything about it.

I've installed on a dual AMD Opteron PC, runnning Fedora Core 3 (64 bit).


Linking error

i am trying to build PSPASES using intel fortran compiler . i have succesfully created the libraries but while linking it is giving me error

IPO link: can not find -lf90
ld: cannot find -lf90
pl if any one can help

Static Linking

I am using an HP dual-cpu Opteron with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation v.3.2.

I am testing static linking with ifort Version 8.1 Build 20050823Z Package ID: l_fc_pc_8.1.030 for the following simple program:

program hello
write (*,*) 'Hello, world from Fortran 90'

The following command:
ifort -static -ohello.f90.exe hello.f90

gives the message:

Fortran runtime error


When trying to compile a fortran code in a linux server (intel itanium architecture with SuSe linux and intel 9.0 compiler) I have been getting the folowing error. 20000000003F9850 Unknown Unknown Unknown

The source of the error seems to be the non-inclusion of . However, I have checked to make sure the location this has been included in the PATH variable. Working with different compilers also has not given any answers.

Any directions to take on this would be appreciated.
- Pramod

Ifort with LAM-MPI

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to use mpiifort along with LAM/MPI deamons instead of MPD ones. The problem with using MPD is that I don't have the right version of python installed on all the nodes of my cluster, and I really can't do very much about this since I'm not the system administrator for this cluster.



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