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Mixing VF 6.6 + VF 8.0 + VS C in one grand project

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to build a mixed (very mixed) language project. Its primarily a .Net 2003 C project with some Fortran number crunching. These parts can all be done with VF 8.0 and .Net 2003. Unfortunately I also need to link in some other Fortran built with VF 6.6 into the mix. These VF 6.6 are static .lib files but may change to .dll in the future.

What problems should I be on the lookout for with a mix like this? I'm producing multithreaded .dll's if that makes a difference.

Question on static Libs

in CVF6.6B I have a module, say:

module m
subroutine test1(rx,ix)
integer(4), intent(in) :: ix
real(4), intent(inout) :: rx
end subroutine test1
end module m

I make a DLL out of this using:
df /check:bounds /arch:host /threads /traceback /dll filename.F90 /link

If I make a static lib for USE in other CVF code using:
1. df /c /check:bounds /arch:host /libs:dll /nolibdir /traceback filenameF90
2. lib filename.obj

KIND statement causing compiler errors

The following console app program will not compile in Compaq Visual Fortran 6.0 . What could I possibly be doing wrong?!

program kind
implicit none
integer single, double
single = KIND(1.0E00)
double = KIND(1.0D00)
WRITE(*, 10) single
10 FORMAT(1x, 'single is ', I2)
WRITE(*, 20) double
20 FORMAT(1x, 'double is ', I2)
end program kind

For each of the statements that have KIND in them, I get this error statement:

Error: This global name is invalid in this context. [KIND]

Error in Packaging a Visual Basic and Fortran Programs

I am trying to package to other users a fortran and visual basic programs. Using the Packaging toolbox from VB Studio to create a setup for other users. Once the setup is installed in another computer, I try to run the program but keep getting an Error "Err 57 path/file not found" or "*.dll not found". AS if the program can't find the fortran dll needed for the program. What can I do?

IVF 8.0 and Mixed Language Programmin

First, I apologize for asking a question that's probably aleady been answered by Steve a dozen times.I'm using IVF 8.0.1877.2003 and VS.net2003. I have a mixed FORTRAN and C language solution where I've put all the FORTRAN code into a project that builds a static library and the C code into a separate project that builds Win32 executable. The C code does all the GUI stuff, calls the FORTRAN code to crunch numbers, and the FORTRAN code passes some status info back to the C Code which displays the info in a status window.

Read Statement

I am using read statement to read data from file, which contains data as types as 1 0.845149. I want to read these data into real numbers. What is the right format to do here? I tried many different ways. I could not get it.



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