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Intel Fortran Compiler 7.1 and Visual Studio 6.0

I've installed Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Intel Fortran Compiler 7.1. It seems that Visual Studio development environment doesn't recognize fortran projects. The only thing I found is: Tools -> Customize -> Add-ins and Macro files -> Intel Fortran Compiler Build tool. But fortran files are not recognized by environment. Will you please help to solve this issue?

Escape key in CVF Standard graphics

In re-writing old F77 programs with many graphic routines to Fortran Standard Graphic applications I am not able to detect an Escape press. It always toggles with Alt-Screen between full window and windowed screen.
My programs heavily depend on Esc to quit from certain routines. Besides, changing screen window is not desirable in my programs. They have to stay always full-screen. I can live with Alt-Screen which is typical user desired but Esc is just a simple key, always available. How to detect and suppress Esc in Standard Graphics applications?


String to vb6

I see from the manual that if I do not include the string length in a call from vb6 to cvf, the string must be the same length in both languages eg
subroutine test(strng)
character strng*1024

strng as string * 1024
call test(strng)

But I find it works ok if I just use a normal string in vb6
strng as string

If the vb6 string is longer, then it is trucated in cvf. If the cvf string is longer, then it is padded out with nulls - at least for the cases I have looked at.

VBA and Fortran DLL pointer

I am trying to run a Fortran Dll in a VBA application. The fortran program is running fine on Unix. I used Compaq Visual Fortran compiler and created the Dll successfully. However I faced the following runtime error when the Dll was called from VBA:

?The instruction at ?0x02d6f89d? referenced memory at ?0x00000?. The memory could not be ?written??.

I found out that the problem is from the following line:



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