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Calling HTML help

I have at last updated my help to HTM help.
All I have to do is change the calling procedure.
I changed MyApp.hlp to MyApp.chm but I get the message "The C:MyAppMyApp.chm file is not a Windows Help file, or the file is corrupt."
The help file is OK as I can double click on it to open it.
What am I doing wrong?

File open problem

I have a dbaseIII file (belongs to an ESRI shape file) which, under OpenVMS/alpha, I open with the following:

open(unit=1,file=fname,status='old',form='unformatted', &

OpenVMS sees the file as a number of 512 byte blocks, even though the data does not exactly fill all the blocks. In a read loop a test program will read 12 * 512 bytes before an eof-of-file condition is reached. This is the read statement I am using:


error lnk2005: __matherr already defined in LIBCMTD.lib

My current project has a souce code writtenin VC++ .NET which calls a couple of Fortran subroutines. The program has been compiling and linking without any problems. Execution of the code has been great as well. The code performs math functions from the "cmath" library (pow, %, *, /, etc). However, today I inserted "atan2" (arc tangent of 2 variables) into the VC++ source code; everything compiled just fine, but when I tried to "Build" the project, I received the error message in the Subject line above. Does this mean there's a definition for "atan2" in the fortran libraries?

Help with AdjustTokenPrivileges

I would like to have a program reboot the machine after it has finished. The routine ExitWindowsEx appears todo this, however the session token(?) must have the SE_ShutDown_Name privilege enabled. Since ExitWindowsEx will LogOff, but not ShutDown or ReBoot, I assume this privilege is not enabled. The routine AdjustPrivilegeTokens can be used to change this, but I am quickly descending into theinferno and seek counsel.

Is there an easier way?
Does anyone have a code example?

Thanks, Cliff

DFDEV.EXE Application Error

I'm at a loss with this issue.

I was running CVF 6.6 with no problem until I installed MS Visual Studio6.

I kept getting the DFDEV.exe application error when trying to compile.

I ungraded to MS Visual - no luck

I installed all CVF updates - no luck.

Uninstalled MS VS6 - no luck

Uninstalled and reinstalled CVF - no luck

Deleted all files except *.for and tried to recompile - no luck

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