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Visual Studio 2013 Integration


I've a minor problem with Intel Fortran Composer integration and Visual Studio 2013.

As far as I can see it is not possible to access the text properties from Fortan document using Visual Studio automation. I fact I want to change indent size from between 2 and 4 chars. Useful for me, because I have to handle old ugly F95 code which uses 2 chars indent and new one which uses 4 chars indent like C++.

fatal error LNK1201: error writing to program database ...konkar.pdb...

I am still getting the error message 'fatal error LNK1201: error writing to program database 'D:\Konkar\Konkar___Win32_Debug\Konkar.pdb'; check for insufficient disk space, invalid path, or insufficient privilege' from time to time during program development. A restart of VS solves the problem, but it is always a nuisance. We discussed that error message already in this forum some time ago. Are there any news on the topic or suggestions to avoid the error message?

parameter in dlls

Hi to all,

     When I linking my program with a compiled dll which is also written in Fortran and contains lots of modules with some integer and real parameters defind within, I recognized that a write statement in the main program could also output those parameters, I know that one can't use directive "dllexport" to deal with parameters in the dll, and what happened here shows an alternative way to "dllexport an parameter within a dll", is that correct ? Appriciate any suggestions.

Massive performance issue with code on Haswell-EP (E5-1650v3)

Dear all, it's maybe off topic, but I know no other place to address this issue to. And it is Fortran related. I got a new workstation (E5-1650v3, 64GB ram, SSD, Win7 64 bits) from a big global player vendor two days ago and was happy to have a new toy. Unfortunately not long... After installing all drivers up to date, I installed VS and the Intel Compilers in version 15.0.1. Happy with fast installing on a SSD, I tested compiling my Fortran tools and was confused. All my code runs even slower than on my old workhorse (E5620).

What does /Qvec do except vectorizing loops?


I'm trying to optimize some scientific code, where Fortran DLL is called from C#. When I compile my Fortran DLL in Release with /O1 option or below, it works fine, but when I compile the DLL with /O2 or higher, I have an error during the runtime, right at the line that  calls Fortran DLL subroutine from C#:

"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.".

Debugging with external process

I'm trying to debug a console app on Windows that it called by a VC++/VB UI via a batch file.  

I've tried pointing to the batch file as the Command on the Debugging Properties tab along with the arguments passed to the batch from the UI.  VS balked - the Command is required to be an EXE.  I also determined what the arguments were, pointed to the target with the arguments but that fails as the console app asks for process ids from the UI, so the UI has to be active.

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