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ippiConvFull_32f_C1R error in IPP7.0

Hi, I test ippiConvFull_32f_C1R under VS2010 and IPP 7.0 on my computer. The cpu

is i5-3470 CPU@3.20GHz. 

I find when the kernel size is larger than 10*10, then the result is not correct. the code as follows:

    int   nWidth = 81;
    int   nHeight = 80;
    float *pfsrc = new float[nWidth*nHeight];

    for(int i = 0; i < nWidth*nHeight; i++)
        pfsrc[i] = i;

    int nKWidth = 11;
    int nKHeight = 11;
    float psKernel[200];

Project migration from IPP 8.x to IPP 9.0 -- need help on replacing removed functionality

Starting with IPP 9.0, Intel has completely removed all JPEG-related functions including Huffman and color space conversions. Color space conversions I can handle on my own, but I am not in the mood to implement multi-threaded JPEG and Huffman parts from scratch. I had a working solution with UIC and IPP 8.x, now I have a broken build.

Sure, I can choose between staying on 8.x and miss on all performance improvements for new CPUs and all bugfixes / new features and upgrading to 9.0 while losing the most important part of my image viewer application -- (fast) JPEG decoding.

Using IPP with pjsip


I want to integrate IPP (Intel® Parallel Composer) with pjsip. I have installed w_ipp_7.0.2.154_ia32.exe.

There is an installation guide from pjsip: The installation is tested up to Intel version 7.0 update 2

The guide says that you have to use Intel IPP sample code ( From the sample code speech.lib can be build.

PJSIP use the speech.lib, how do I get the sample code, so that I can build the lib ?

is std:sort faster than ipp sort ippsSortDescend_64f_I


I am trying to benchmark std::sort on vectors of double vs ipp sort using (ippsSortDescend_64f_I). I am sorting 200 vectors of length 2000 elements each.  My test program is attached in this post. I see that std::sort is consistently performing better ( at least 10 times faster) than ipp sort. Is this expected behavior? I would prefer to move to ipp assuming its better in performance but i am not able to prove it. What am I doing wrong in my test program? 

How to set a 'rec' structuring element in ippiMorphCloseBorder_8u_C1R


I am using IPP 9.0 Intel 64 to try to reducing processing time in a morphology closing operation on a 2048x2048 image.  I have used perfsys and am seeing a significant reduction in the processing time when Parm5 is 'rec'.  I'm assuming that this is a rectangular structure element, which is what I'm using. 

Time (usec)

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