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OpenGL on Windows CE using 2700G


Ihope this is the right question for this forum.

I'm trying to get OpenGl ES to work on Windows CE with the Intel 2700G chip. I already downloaded theSoftware Development Kit via

But this SDK only has code examples onhow to use OpenGL ESin thePocketPC shell of Windows CE.
I want to use OpenGL ES in the explorer shell of Windows CE. Does anyone has some code examples on how to do this?



Timing question involving the IPPL

This is question that involves the Intel Performance
Primitives Library (IPPL), but it is more a question about
timing on a Pentium 4 with hyperthreading using the IPPL.

I have an application that uses the IPPL on a Windows XP
system running a Pentium 4 with hyperthreading turned on,
i.e it has two logical processors, and one physical processor.
When we time calculations using the Windows GetProcessTimes
interface we get the following curious result.

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