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is there somebody experienced in JPEG or MPEG encoding on PXA255 or PX27x processors.
I'm trying to figure out if these processors are able to encode VGA (YUV420) in about 15 frames/sec.

I think the PXA27x processors might be a better solution because it uses the wireless MMX technology.



require some help for MPEG4 deblocking filter


i have implemented the standard MPeg4 deblocking filter. It is computationally expensive. So i decided to optimize it through SSE. But there are some constrants. As the deblocking filter work in two modes based on some we can not efficiently use the SSE.

Kindly any one knows the solution or it is already implemented.


problem ippiMulC_32f_AC4IR

I use ippiMean_StdDevand keep variable in Ipp64f pStdDev,pMean. So when i call function ippiMulC_32f_AC4IR thier have error. can u help me?

Ipp64f pMean[3]={0};

Ipp64f pStdDev[3]={0};

for ( int coi = 1; coi < 4; coi++ )

ippiMean_StdDev_8u_C3CR( (Ipp8u*)pSrc->DataPtr(),

pSrc->Step(), pSrc->Size(), coi, &pMean[coi-1], &pStdDev[coi-1]);

ippiMulC_32f_AC4IR( (Ipp64f*) pStdDev,

(Ipp32f*)eRand, e->Step(), eSize);

message error::

ippFilterSharpen_8u_C1R crash

I get access violation in

movq xmm0, mmword ptr [esi]

when trying to useabove function on640x480 picture. With smaller images everything seems to be ok. There is no crashif Iadd 550 tosource and destination pointer.

I have WindowsXP,Pentium4/HT2, IPP4.1

Where can I find release noteswith list of fixes for each IPP version ?

sovent and water based ink for mimaki, roland, hp...

Dear Sir or Madam:
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SHANGHAI E-BON DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing
Color inkjet ink and media, Especially solvent based pigment ink.
We produce two series of printing inks:
Ink for water based ink (dye): Mimaki JV2, Jv4 and Roland hj series, HP 5000, HP5500
Ink for solvent ink (two kinds):

One is for xaar 126/128/500 printer head;

BAD Mpeg2 file created by IPP

I created a mpeg2 file by IPP, which compatiable with DVD criteria(720 * 480, 6.8M bits ).And I burned a DVD movie using this file by Roxio DVD builder. The final DVD movie plays good in DVD software in PC(like PowerDVD or WinDVD), but the picture is broken on DVD player. Iam sure that Roxio dosen't do the decode and re-encode for thevideo stream since Roxio pass the DVD criteria check.
Dose there has any other additional restrictionsfor mpeg2 file for DVD movie?

Thanks in advance.

FFT Get Buffer size failure for short FFT's

Product: IPP 4.0 for Linux

When trying to specify and allocate a working buffer for an FFT, the returned buffer size from ippsFFTGetBufSize is 0 when the order of the FFT is <= 10. It's also only 7 bytes for an order of 11. Is this the expected performance?

The code is as follows:

ippError = ippsFFTGetBufSize_C_32f(pFFTSpec->pFFTSpec,&Size);

printf("Buffer size %d Error %d
", Size, ippError);

decompress using IPP

I have compressed images (JPEG 2000 lossless). I need to decompress it using IPP 4.0. There are following functions in IPP 4.0.

Functions for JPEG coding:

Color Conversion Functions

Combined Color Conversion Functions

Quantization Functions

Combined DCT Functions

Level Shift Functions

Sampling Functions

Planar-to-Pixel and Pixel-to-Planar Conversion Functions

Huffman Codec Functions

Functions for JPEG2000 coding:

Wavelet Transform Functions

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