Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

e-merged link model

In the documentation in the INTEL site it states the following as benefits of the static e-merged (with dispatching) linkage model:

Enables updates with new processor optimizations without recompile/relink

Creates the smallest installation package when multiple applications use some of the same Intel IPP functions

I don't understand how I can update without recompile and also how several executables can share statically linked code ?

multithreading in ipp

While it is good that IPP's internal multithreading can be disabled via the static libraries, it is somewhat awkward and defeats the purpose of dlls. The 4.1.2 release notes mention that libguide can be used to disable multithreading, but a message-board message regarding this feature seems to contradict that, and, in any case, I don't think this feature is available on the windows platform.

Given that un-threaded versions of the functions are available in the static libs, why not offer developers a run time switch to disable threading in the dll version?


IPP and CImg library integration

Hello, I need to work with both libraries.

In order to integrate them I need to convert from the CImg image format to the ipp image format (buffer), and vice versa.

The CImg library provides a way to access each pixel of the buffer image.

*image.ptr(x,y,channel) where channel can be 1,2,3.

Could you help me in the creation of both convertCImg_IPP and convertIPP_CImg functions?

Thank you for your help.

OpenCV and IPP

Hi, I'm trying to compile the example in the ippocv.pdf tutorial.

The thig is that I get a compilation error:
ipp1.cpp: In function `int main()':
ipp1.cpp:44: error: invalid conversion from `char*' to `const Ipp8u*'

The code of the line is:
// the pointer of our OpenCV data is our IPP image pointer
ippiCopy_8u_C3R( img->imageData, size.width * 3, ipprgb, size.width *
3, size );

I attach the code.

Any idea?

Thank you very much.

using ipView to display a movie

I want to display a sequence of frames from a movie.
I found this example out of jpeg demo call "ippview.cpp" which has thread based function like ipView_8u_C1R .. any pointers to modify those functions so that the I can pass on new data (Ipp8u *) so that new frame is displayed in the same window rather than another !!


IPP integration in Windows Mobile 2004


Could you please help in answering these?

1. Does Intel provide any pre-build codecs (based on IPP) compliant with DirectShow?

2.If not:

a) Is there any example on how to use IPP in building a DMO (DirectX Media Object)

b)is there a list of third party PCA codec vendors Intel can recommend?(we need typical codecs required in a SmartPhone).

3. In order to shipour product with an IPP based codec, purchased from a third party vendor, do we still need IPP licensewith Intel?

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