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help me ! compile the g729 sample.

hi verybody:
I download the speech sample. And compile the g729 sample. I use the encoder729i.exe to encoder a sample. It's PCM, 16bit, 8000Hz, 1ch, 128Kbps.The source file is 838,822 bytes. After encodering. The target file is 859,688 bytes. Why the target file is as almost long as source file.Can anybody help me .Thanks very much.


hi I'm using IJL.h as I already have a jpeg loader based on an older version. I downloaded the new IPP free version, and I'm using the ijl.h file from that, but this file has #includes for ippdefs.h, ippcore.h, ipps.h, ippi.h and ippj.h but these files are not included in the download. How then can anyone use ijl.h file? Where can I download them if they need to be included?


G.729 example now modified for RTP and Asterisk, licensing issues


I have modified the G.729 example to demonstrate how you would use the code to:

a) generate encoded bitstreams in the format for RTP
b) integrate this code with the Asterisk PBX

My code is available as a patch at

Would someone at Intel consider integrating this work into the samples in some way?

Also, can someone from Intel advise on whether I am permitted to distribute the complete modified example in source and binary formats?


H.264 and Mpeg4 encode speed.

I use IPP4.1 mpeg4 and h.264 encode sample,
My pcused P4 2.8C and1G RAM, w2k SP4 os.

Compile use ICC 8.1 and VC 7.1,use /O2 option,special P4 optimize

Mpeg4 encode 352X288 about ~100 FPS,and H.264 about ~10 FPS.
but mpeg4 not use bitstream limit.

I found mpeg4 encode speed equal DIVX 5.1.1 encode speed when video has motion sense.but slow then divx 5.1.1 when video had still image.why?

How add bitstream limit at mpeg4 encode sample?
thank you.



I have array of DWORDsthat represent the RGBpixel values and WORD array of indexes representing the result DIB image Ineed to get. For ex:

DWORD dwPix[0x200] = {0x00FF0000,0x000000FF.... } // - values of pixel
WORD wIdx[100*100] = { 0,1,2...} // index array representing 100x100 picture

Is it possible to use ippiLUT_ set of functionsfor building the RGB32 or RGB24image.
If yes, will the performance better than if I just code it using C++ with MSVCpp?

Thanks a lot,

Loading an Ippi Image

I always have this pesky problem of loading the image created after using ippiMalloc(). Have done it in the past on IPPI 3 but can't find the code. This time I have a webcam image with its window so I have the window handle and can get the HDC using GetWindowDC() but what is the mechanism for transferring the image to the ippi image? Lost in the details. Have tried memcpy() and BitBlt() but may have done it incorrectly, or should I use something else? Not using MFC for this app and have checked all the Forum here with no luck. Thanks for any assistance.

Download IPP 4.1

I am finally getting around to downloading the IPP 4.1 release, and I can't seem to find the right download link. I believe I'm still under support, so I should be able to download it as an upgrade, but on the referred download page all I can find is "download eval version". If I download this eval version (and answer the requisite eval questions) will it work with my existing license file for IPP 4.0?


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