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MP3-float-Encode errors

I have compiled the MP3-float-Encode example + IPP 4.1 with three different compilers (intel 8.1, Visual 6 and C++builder 5) on two systems (2000 and nt4). For all I get huge periodic coding errors when using a bitrate of 192 or higher. 128 seems to work ok but I'm not totally sure. Can anybody confirm or have any idea what I could try?



MP3-float-encode error


I have tried to compile the MP3-float-encoder example with three different (Intel 8.1, Visual 6, C++builder 5) compilers on two systems (2000 and nt4) with IPP 4.1. However, for all I get huge periodic coding errors when using a 192 bitrate or higher. The default bitrate (128) seems ok. Can anybody confirm or tell me what I could try?



Problems with the H.264-encoder


I am currently trying to get the H.264-encoder to work. The compilation went fine but the problem occurs with the encoded movie. I use an yuv-file which has successfully been used with the MPEG2-encoder where I have tried to match the .par file for the H.264-encoder. Below is the .par-file used for the MPEG2-encoder and then the .par-file I have used for the H.264-encoder. I have no idea what is going wrong, can someone please help me.

Thanks in advance

Building IJL library

i am evaluating the jpegcompressioncapability withIPP 4.1. however i encountered an error when running build32.bat in the JPEG-IJL directory. the error shows it cannot find "ippcorel.lib". i checked the evaluation package. obviously ippcorel.lib is not there. is this file only included in the release version? or is there anyway i can build ijl without ippcorel.lib?

thanks in advance.

Rotate an image


I'm trying to rotate a bitmap by 90 degrees, but cannot seem to manage it. My bitmap is 200 * 100 24 bit. In particular it is the roi mapping that I am having difficulty with, I can get 180 degrees to work, but 90 degrees results in a cropped image. Can anyone point me in the right direction, preferably with a code snippet.



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