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how to use IPP with opencv

hi guys,

i have intel cluster studio 2013 and redhat OS with 2 computenode having one intel mic card and one gpu (NVIDIA k20x). i tried so many ways to install opencv in masternode but i enable to proceed please do you have any idea about how to install opencv using intel parallel complier

please help me 

What is the ImageDataPtr class


I need to write code for the JPEG encryption. I got the sample source code. To write my client app, I need to provide the parameters. B

I am struct-king with providing one parameter i,.e ImageDataPtr class method i,.e


UIC::ImageDataPtr dataPtr;
    dataPtr.p8u = //what I need to provide here;

could you please suggest me.





Intel IPP G723 and G729 audio codecs license


I want to integrate Intel IPP G723 and G729 audio codecs into pjsua. This will be used into a commercial application that needs to be installed on multiple places. We would like to know:

- how much a license for  IPP G723 and G729 audio codecs costs

- what types of licenses are available for multiple installations and how much it costs in each case



ippAlgDirect and ippAlgFFT take the same time


I'm running  ippiCrossCorNorm_16u32f and  ippiCrossCorNorm_32f  on ipp 8.1

It seems that timing is related only to src and template sizes.

I tried running with ippAlgDirect and ippAlgFFT but timing is  the same in both methods.

timing is also the same for 16u input and float input

Im I doing something wrong?




IPP OpenCL and Asynchronous C++ drivers


I have Intel Composer XE 2015 which contains IPP 8.2.  I am unable to locate any of the OpenCL or asynchronous C++ code.  Is this code included with IPP 8.2.  If not, where can I get it?

In general, how does intel recommend using IPP with GPU support if it exists.  Moving forward would it be better to use OpenCL?


Brad Kimbrough

Finding the largest matching rectangle between two 8-bit images


Say there are two images A and B, where B is part of A centered around a matching pixel P. B is not necessarily entirely contained within A, but is guaranteed to contain part of A.

I would like to find the largest matching rectangle of B within A. I have implemented various non-IPP algorithms that does this in a relatively efficient manner, but would like to see whether IPP can help in anyway.

segfault in ippiResizeSqrPixel

hi. i'm using ipp6(6.1.2) for image processing to make thumbnail.
and my env is that.

OS : linux(centOS 5.X) 64bit
CPU : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630L 0 @ 2.00GHz

And I got a trouble during upgrage  centOS 5.x --> 6.x

there is no segmentation fault to execute ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C3R in CentOS5.X.
but, here is a segmentation fault in CentOS 6.X

of cause, I re-install IPP libs, and re-compile my binary.


here is a segfault stack.

2D Convolution performance between 8Bit and 16Bit


For IPP version 8.1 or 8.2, I would like to find out if there should be any big differences in speed performance for  2D Convolution function between Unsigned 8Bit and Signed 16Bit fixed point data? Should the Unsigned 8Bit Convolution function be 2 times or even 4 timer faster  than Signed 16Bit Convolution function?


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