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FFT - Multi Thread


I am feeling very stupid asking this question :)

Without using the IPP multi-thread libraries, how would I perform a multi-thread FFT, for example 32fc Complex to Complex? I'm running very large FFTs and have my FFT thread at almost 100%.

H264 decoder high CPU usage issue


I want to use the H264VideoDecoder of IPP 7.0

I built the example "simple_player.exe" to play a 1920x1080 h.264 video.

I found very high CPU usage with m_iThreads = 0. (about 60~70%), but the frame rate is 30 fps.

If I set m_iThreads = 1, the CPU usage down to 50% but the frame rate down to about 20 fps.

Desktop Machine Configurations are:

1. Windows 7 32bit

1. RAM: 4GB

2. Processor: Intel(R)Core(TM) i7-2620 CPU @2.70GHz

Is there a way to decrease the CPU usage and maintain 30 fps at the same time?

Feature Request: ippiCopy_*_C2P2R and ippiCopy_*_P2C2R

First, I understand that IPP tries to reduce bloat by excluding some rare staff and functions that can be easily implemented using the existing ones. And I see it as a positive thing. However, I believe that it should support conversions from otherwise unsupported formats to a workable form, so that when I encounter such format I could still efficiently convert and use IPP.

ippsFIR_32fc src/dst array sizes?

I'm trying to run a multi-rate FIR filter  in version 8.1 on some data but I am getting strange memory errors.  Running it under valgrind shows various invalid reads/writes occurring within the call to ippsFIR_32fc.  I have tried both with differing source/destinations as well as a shared source/dest.

Here is basically what I am doing:

int upFactor = 1;
int downFactor = 2;
int phase = 0;
int numTaps = 21;
int dataSize = 1024;
int stateBufSize;
Ipp8u* pStateBuf;
IppsFIRState_32fc* pState;

IPP\ unresolved external symbol _acosf


I'm migrating a big Visual Studio 2008 solution to Visual Studio 2012. We are using the Integrated Performance Primitives in it. I managed to solve every issues with the migrating so far, but now I'm totally balked at a difficulty. Only one project left to be built, and I can't get through the following errors:

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