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Question about F32vec4 class & licence

Hi guys;

I'm new user of this forum. I came in manily in search for some answers.

For the first - may I modify fvec.h header for use in my own library? Does licence permits this? It say "all copyrights reserved etc ....


*** Copyright (C) 1985-1999 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.


*** The information and source code contained herein is the exclusive

*** property of Intel Corporation and may not be disclosed, examined

*** or reproduced in whole or in part without explicit written authorization

Integer Promotion

My apologies for the incomplete posts.

The following code

short b, e;
e = (e << 8) | (b & 0xFF);

triggers diagnostic "#810: conversion from "int" to "short" may lose significant bits".

I can eliminate the diagnostic by casting each operand and each resulting sub-expression to short.

Is there a better method to than this to inform the compiler that since the variables are all shorts there is either no need to promote them to integers or no need to complain about the promotion that it is doing?

Thank you.

Link errors on RH9

I am evaluating the Intel compiler after using gcc 3.2.2 on a large project.

I installed the Intel compiler, did a "make clean" on my project, modified my makefile to use icc, and built. All of my sources (which contain a lot of templates) built without problems, but during the link, I get numerous errors:

IPO Error: unresolved : __cxa_begin_catch
(referenced in numerous files)

IPO Error: unresolved : __cxa_rethrow
(referenced in numerous files)

ICC on FreeBSD5.4?

Is there a way to use ICC on FreeBSD?

Port lang/icc is ICC8, but I can't find a place to download it. ICC9
returns following:

$ ./iccbin test1.c -o test1
iccbin: error: could not find directory in which g++ resides

IA-32 Subset Packages for Smaller Downloads

For the upcoming 9.0 update, we're trying something new in an attempt to address a common complaint - that our download packages are too large. In addition to the regular "full" package, which contains compilers and tools for all three platforms, we will also offer an IA-32-only subset package which will contain only the compilers and tools meant for building IA-32 applications on IA-32 systems. These packages will have _ia32 in the filename, for example, l_cc_c_9.0.027_ia32.tar.gz.

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