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c++ on linux compile error: __builtin_powil is undefined

Hi All;

(first time post. I looked for this error in the forum and couldn't find it)

I have an evaluation copy of the C++ compiler 9.0 for linux and am trying to compile a code that uses the STL extensively on a Red Hat linux box with g++ version 4.0.0 20050519 (Red hat 4.0.0-8).

I tried the simplest compile command:

icc -c Slice.cpp

and its gives an error

/usr/include/c++/4.0.0/cmath(361): error: identifier "__builtin_powil(__x, __n)" is undefined.

How do I make use of the intel provide Eclipse plugin?

how do I make use the intel provided C++ plugin for eclipse. I have eclipse installed, and currently use it will gcc.

I installed the intel package, but nothing in eclipse seems to have changed. Starting a new c++ project does not provide an option for icc, that I can see.

I tried copying the plugins/features dirs into my exisisting eclipse install but this did not change anything.



intel installer on debian.

For all you debian/ubuntu/etc users, here is how I fixed it:

run alien as root or fakeroot on each rpm that you want to install.

In my case *.i386.rpm


for RPM in *.i386.rpm


alien $RPM


exit as root.

Then run this script on each of the newly created *.deb file.

Save the script as convert.rb, then run

./convert.rb *.deb



# Shea Martin

# 15.apr.2006

# shea At snowsquirrel dot ca

require 'find'

How can i locate variables and functions in memory?

Hi,I am useing Intel C++ compiler for PXA270 processor. How can I locate variables in processor memory? For example I want to locate variable my_variableat 0xA0000000 address (SDRAM area) . How can I do that?Seckond question is - How can I locate whole functions in specific addresses. For example I wont void my_function (void) { } to startat address 0x00000800 in memory map.Thanks for yuor helpMichael

Exceptions in Linux

Hi all!I try to choose compiler for linux, and I see the icc 8.1 trial version. But I don't know how to use exception handling. Is I understand from topic icc canhandle exceptions with try ... catch. But when I run this:




sz = 1/ii;






programm terminates with "Floating point exception".

How can I catch this situation?

Code optimization


I try to optimize a scientific code. To achieve this I would try to fine profile my run with the option -prof-gen-sampling instead of -prof-genx.
I first compile my code using -xP -O3 -static -ansi-alias -prof-dir $REP -prof-gen-sampling
Then, when I run my instrumented code with profrun, I obtain an error :

[pascal@cagire Donnees_Test_Euclide]$ profrun -verbose -bufsiz:1000000 -dcache calcul_grectif [cmd args]

Free Compiler Training

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