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Problem after installing icc 8.1


Since verion 8.1 of the Intel C++ compiler is out, I decided to upgrade to it.

In order to do that, I first uninstalled all other Intel compilers and tools I had on my system (C++ 8.0 with substitute headers, Fortran 8.0 and idb 7.3.2). I left only the license files where they were (/opt/licenses). Subsequently, I downloaded the latest 8.1 package from (package l_cc_p_8.1.021.tar.gz) and unpacked it with the command:

gzip -cd l_cc_p_8.1.021.tar.gz | tar -x

idb, DDD, cygwin & windows

I'm having trouble getting idb and DDD to work together in cygwin.

We want to have a flat unix development tree that will work on linux and windows, and we don't use Visual Studio. We have not yet found a GUI debugging solution on windows.

If you have any experience with this, preferably the DDD/idb approach your help would be much appreciated.


Windows XP
icc 8.0 (Build 20040714Z)
GNU DDD 3.3.9

Can't link with linux 8.1 compiler

Having just upgraded to Intel 8.1 for IA32, none of my code will link now, the installation was completely straighforward (I selected the default options for everything) BTW.

For example, if I compile and link in one step:

icc config_info.cpp

Then I get a working executable as one would expect, but as soon as I try a two step compile and link:

icc -c config_info.cpp
icc config_info.o

I see a long list of unresolved externals starting with:

Statically linking

I'm compiling a shared library (.so) on icc 8.1 Linux, and I'm having trouble getting the Intel compiler to statically link libimf into the shared library. I tried using "-static" which supposedly links the libraries statically, but ldconfig still reports that is being used. It's like the "-shared" option is causing the "-static" option to not work. Help!

I am using these options to compile the object files: -O2 -Ob2 -ip
To link the object files, I am using: -static -shared

Error: bit field can not be statically initialized with an address

With ICC 8.1 on Linux, I've got:
$ cat -n t.c
1 struct t {
2 int x:1;
3 char *name;
4 };
6 struct t p = {
7 name: "TEST"
8 };
10 main () {
11 p.x = 1;
12 }
$ icc t.c
t.c(2): warning #108: implicitly-signed bit field of length 1
int x:1;

t.c(7): error: bit field can not be statically initialized with an address
name: "TEST"

icc 8.1 on Linux

After installing icc 8.1 on Suse Linux 9.1 (kernel 2.6.4) (gcc 3.4.2 was already installed) I always get this error message:
> icc test.c
icc: error: could not find directory in which g++ resides

When installing icc as root, gcc was in the PATH environment variable.
I have tried several command line options (-gcc-name, -cxxlib-gcc), but they didn't work either.
Does anybody know some advice?

Intel C++ 8.1 VC 2003 Integration does not work

i just uninstalled v8.0 and installed 8.1. now if i open an already converted project. intelPKG.dll crashes. if i start the development environment itself nothing happens. no project conversation tool is visible and the startup splash screen doesnt show the installed intel c compiler. the commandline version itself works well. only the ui integration does not work. i tried it several times. can someone help? i'm using the german version of VStudio 2003 Enterprise

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