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VTune hung up on 2.6.13-1 kernel when sampling L2 cache miss event.


I'm using Vtune Performance Analyzer 7.2 for Windows with Vtune RDC 3.0 for Linux. The Linuxdsitribution I used is Cent OS 4.1 which used 2.6.9-11 kernel by default.

I downloaded 2.6.13-1 kernel version andfound VTunehas some problems with this kernel version.Whenever I added L2 cache miss event to the sampling activity, both VTune performance analyzer and rdc hang up after the sampling is started. If just sampling clock ticks and retired instructions, no problem.

However, this problem doesnt exist ifthedefault kernel 2.6.9-11is used.

Any idea?

JITing & profiling only a selected methods in .NET assembly

Couple of questions...

  1. Does the timing metrics in a Call Graph result include the JIT times? [guessing that the instrumented module is pre-jitted based on the module names listed & therefore does not include them. A question came up as to whether we need tohave a dummy test run to get the JIT timings & then run the actual tests]
  2. Is there a way to enable profiling for a selected set of .NET assemblies but not all?


performance impact calculation in Vtune

The formulas in Vtune to calculate the performance impacts of some of HW events have the constant factors, how those factors were determined? for example,

Level1CacheLoadMiss Performance Impact = ((1st Level Cache Load Misses Retired*10)/Clockticks)*100

Level2CacheLoadMiss Performance Impact = ((2ndlevel cache load misses retired *(15*(ProcessorSpeed/BusSpeed)))/Clockticks)*100

Writing property files failed

I also get this message.

I am running Suse linux 9.1 x86 (not emt) and vtunes 3.0p.

when I create a callgraph activity:

vtl activity myactivity1 -c callgraph -app -moi mybin

it reports:

VTune Performance Analyzer 3.0 for Linux*
Copyright (C) 2000-2004 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Thu Sep 22 17:26:29 2005 Writing property files failed.

This does not appear to be a permissions problem - since:

vtl query -a myactivity1

Internal Error while resolving results file

I have deployed VTune on RH EL 3.0 on 32-bit intel processor. When I try to use callgraph data collection, I get following error:

Internal Error while resolving results file

Sampling works fine. There was no installation error. Callgraph works well for simple applications like ls. I have cleared the cache before running my application. The application that I am trying to profile is a mutli-threaded application which uses CORBA.

Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Couldn't get object name for the processor

Hi , I have installed vtune for linux 3.0 at the Intel Itanium 2 processor(64 bit) SMP,The OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 ,kernel is 2.4.21-9.EL,I installed the Vtune and Vtune driver (VDK) without any error,but when I run this command : vtl activity -d 30 -c sampling -c callgraph -master sampling -app /opt/intel/vtune/doc/samples/vtundemo/vtundemo -moi /opt/intel/vtune/doc/samples/vtundemo/vtundemo

it gives the folllowing error message: Couldn't get object name for the processor
How could I do? Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance .

How to calcuate the bus utilization using the bus events

I am running Vtune on a P4 system (3.2GHz/533MHz FSB), is it possible I canuse the bus events -
Bus Accesses from All Agents, Bus Accesses from theProcessor, Bus Accesses Underway from the Processor, Bus Reads Underway from the Processor, Bus Writes Underway from the Processor and Bus Accesses Underway from All Agents
to calcuate the system bus utilization? How do I do that?


The Sampling Collector failed to collect data because the selected event(s) did not occur.


We are trying to use VTune for the first time and we are trying to use Event Based sampling. However we get the log message "The Sampling Collector failed to collect data because the selected event(s) did not occur.".

We run VTune (version 7.2, build 16929) on a Pentium III system (Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 6, 496MHz and 768 MB RAM) running "Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition" and we have only selected the "clockticks" and "instructions retired" events.

Instrumentation failed on dll nvdesk32.dll

Every time I try to profile my application I get the following error output:
Tue Sep 13 14:17:53 2005 Instrumentation requested by module C:WINNTsystem32
Tue Sep 13 14:17:58 2005 Exports instrumentation of module "c:winntsystem32
vdesk32.dll" could not be done (see error description below).
Tue Sep 13 14:17:58 2005 Error in module "c:winntsystem32
vdesk32.dll" - Can not run / close / wait on instrumentor process.

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