Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE

Parallelization Ratio

Hi folks,

I am evaluating the VTune and I don't undertand much about the Parallelization Ratio. I have already read the environment help but I still don't understand how this ratio is calculated, what is the formula, what is that calculation based on.

If you know something, please let me know.



value for SSE Input Assists Performance Impact etc.


I started to use Vtune recently. For my application, Intel Tuning Assistant gives me the following data:

Event Ratios
Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) Input Assists Performance Impact: 119.67
1st Level Cache Load Miss Performance Impact: 9.12
Clockticks per Instructions Retired (CPI): 3.39
Trace Cache (TC) Miss Performance Impact: 2.03

Call graph collection not working

I am using Visual Studio 2003 along with Visual Assist, and I have some trouble getting the call graph collector to work. Other collectors like the sampler works fine.

When I exit my application, a window in Visual Studio 2003 appearssaying "Call graph - [pleasewait]". However, the please wait never disappears and the window stays gray forever (however, after a short while it stops blocking visual studio and I can use the program normally).

Intel Thread Profiler (OpenMP)

Hi folks,

I am facing an error and I will be greatfull if someone knows anything about it.

First let me give the context, I have to machines a development one and a target one.

dev_machine:-pentium 4 + Windows XP pro

-dev tools: VisualC++ .NET2003 + integrated IntelC++ Compiler 9.1

-application to run: Pi calculation with OpenMP pragmas

target_machine: -Core Duo T2300 + Windows XP pro

-Dev Software: VTune + Thread Profiler

Corrupted project files


In the past I've experienced, several times, corrupted project files which basically meant I lost all work that I hadn't saved in text output files, i.e., vtl view > view.out .

I now have enough evidence to accuse a culprit, which I've suspected for some time. The files become corrupted when I do something like "vtl view | more" and then quit more before looking at all the output.

This is a big pain. Can something be done to fix it?

Jim Fry

VTune and multiple process app

Hi folks,

I'm evaluating VTune Performance Analyzer and I would like to analyze an application which contains several processes. The point for me is that VTune ask an executable file to runmy application whereas my test banch does not work this way.

My app perform image interpretation, processing and to finish it submits a printing job to a simulated printer engine. It starts whenI submit an image.

VTune uses to launch the app itself by using the process.exe file thus I can't know which image has been using to run the app.

If you know somesthing

problem of program perform evaluation ?

It is not stable that a program runs on a PC .Sometimes it is slower ,sometimes it is faster .So it is quite difficult to judge my program perform improve or not after a small modification .Even use
Vtune analyzer ,the clockticks is also not stable .

Can anyone give a way to judge my program perform improve or not after a small modification ?

Call graph without launching application


I am trying to run the Call Graph Profile on a running application (on XP), so I open the "Call Graph Configuration Wizard", I choose Windows/Linux profiling, I check "no application to launch", "Modify default..." and uncheck "Run activity when done". Then I choose my exe as a module of interest and I press the "Finish" button. This sequence of operations is happening while my application is running.

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