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about VTune on xscale dev-board

I have installed VTune data collector and server on my xscale pxa255 dev-board but I can't run it. After reading a doc named "Check_BSP_Support_VTune1.doc", I found that maybe I should build a new WinCE OS image which supports VTune. But there are many places in that doc which referred a word "Intel BSP" and I don't understand its meaning exactly.

My questions are: should I rebuild my OS image? if that's true, where can I get the necessary files such as "Intel BSP" ?


DLLs and VTune

This is perhaps an elementary question.

I have a precompiled program that uses certain
DLLs. If I now want to analyze the performance of
of how do I specify where to look for the DLLs in

Is there a Reference Manual for VTune? Or a User


Vtune on AMD CPU's possible?

Does Vtune also work on AMD CPU's?

I just tryed a "quick perf. wizard" -> sampling (no app)
It starts sampling and if i hit stop it does some collect and than i get a message.

"an error occured during drill-down cause of error can not be determinated"??

I want to profile/analyse a dshow filter, so i cant direct start an app. I use graphedit and than set the grapn and hit play. I just need the datas for the dshow filter .dll/.ax

How to detect hot data?

I am tuning a program on Itanium 2. I want a quick way to find out hot data. In other word, I want to sort the virtual addresses by the frequency in which they are read / written. It is best if the data access and instruction access can be distinguished. Can it be done by using VTune or any other performance analysis tool? I appreciaite for your help. Thanks.

Event-based sampling radio button is greyed out

I'm using C++ in a .NET environment.
I do the following things:

1. Click on "Create new activity" button.
2. In that, I select "Sampling Wizard"
3. Then, I select "Win32" option.
4. I check the check box with "Modify default
5. I click on "Finish" and I get a "Advance activity
configuration" dialog box.
6. I click on "Configure..." button.
7. I get a "Configure sampling" dialog box.
8. In the "General" tab, there are two radion buttons under
"sampling mechanism"

Can VTune focus in on a specified time interval?


I recently downloaded VTune to see if it could help me resolve a problem I am having in my Visual Studio 7/C++ application. However, the seven day trial period expired before I could really dig into VTune and see if it could help. So I thought I would briefly describe my problem and hopefully someone can tell me that VTune can solve this problem and then I can justify the purchase to my boss.

My Application.

Sampling and counter monitor as hardware mon


I'm totally new with Vtune.

Therefore i have a lot of questions???

I want to use vtune to monitor what the CPU is doing.

I want to see the number of cache misses that happen in the L1 L2 (L3) cache.

And also how many branch mispredictions, trace cache misses and so on.

I have played a bit with it but i did not make a lot of progress.

I don't know how to interpret the results neither what events to follow to get the correct results.

Missing processes in sampling.

I am running VTune to profile a multithreaded application. In Redhat 7.3, threads are treated the same as processes, they have different PIDs. So, I modified my program to print out the PID of themselves everytime they're created. However, when I view the activity result (commandline: vtl view a4::r41 -processes) I can only see the base process, all thread (processes) spawned are not in the result.

I want to be able to view the sampling result for each thread my application spawn. How can I do that?

My operating system is RedHat 7.3, Kernel 2.4.18

Win/Linux: trouble with dynamic library

1. I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in the Advanced Configuration Dialog and it says it still cannot finda dynamic library which is in the path. What should I do to diagnose the problem?

2. Also, how do I append to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable that already exists?

3. For some reason the client sometimes doesn't allow me to export/save in excel and I find that I have to exit the client and go back in again. Any recommendations?


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