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How to use VTune for PXA270

I have installed VTune 7.2 and I have a Dell AXIMX50 with PXA270 processor. The OS is Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. I wonder how I can use VTune to measure the performance of my PDA. I tried all three methods (IRDC, TLDC, SRDC)that mentioned in the help document and none of them works. Is Dell AXIM X50 support Vtune?

Thanks for help!

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x64 Call Graph

After installing the latest patch, I am able to run counter and sampling on Windows XP x64 w/o any problems.

I am not able to get the call graph activity to work. I am able to intrument the component and when I go to start I get an error box stating that there are no valid exe controllers associated with the collector.
This is a simple C++ console app. I have taken the same project and run it with no problems on my Win32 box.

thanks for the help...

Program crashes when running the call graph

Whenever I run the call graph data collector the output window says the program crashed, and produce the error "The instruction at "0x0120c8d9" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be read."
Sampling and counter monitor works fine.

Any idea how to solve this probllem?

I'm using windows xp and vtune 7.1.

Thanks in advance!

Using Vtune with Free Pascal compiler


I tried Vtune to profile programs written with Free Pascal. While obviously
this isn't a supported configuration, as developer of Free Pascal I'd like
to investigate what tools work with it. The executables it generates aren't
that different from executables generated by GCC, so there is no reason why
it shouldn't work.

Test configuration:
VTune 3.0
Free Pascal 2.0.0
IBM Java JRE 1.4.2

Test object to profile: theap.pp from the testsuite.

a problem in vtune for linux 1.0 on redhat8.0

Ihave installed the VTune Performance Analysis 1.1 for Linux in Redhat8.0.
But I can't run any activity.
For example, I use command: vtl activity -c sampling run
The infoomation it give out:

The Activity is running.
Fri May 27 23:02:13 2005 localhost (Run 0) The sampling Collector is calibrating its collection parameters for the following event(s): Instructions Retired, Clockticks.

Fri May 27 23:02:13 2005 localhost (Run 0) The sampling Collector iscollecting samples based on the following event(s): Instructions Retired, Clockticks.

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