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VTune on 2.6

What is the status of VTune on 2.6 kernels? The driver module seems to compile okay, but I get:

# insmod vtune_drv-x32-2.6.10-1.737_FC3smpsmp.ko
insmod: error inserting 'vtune_drv-x32-2.6.10-1.737_FC3smpsmp.ko': -1 Invalid module format

This is on Fedora Core 3 with vt_cli_3.0.814.


Problem getting VTune to instrument code with a custom kernel...


With a standard Redhat Enterprise 3.0WS installation running on a Pentium M, using a Sampling Activity, I have successfully analysed an object file (testProgram.o). I can drill down into this object and see in which functions the CPU is being spent etc...

manual unpacking and isntallation

I just downloaded the intel vtune analyzer to test it on my system. The problem I am having is that I am using gentoo as my linux distro. Therefore, the package management seems to be incompatible with the rpm system.

If I were able to extract the rpm files from the install_x32 binary, I believe I could make the profiler work on my system. I was wondering if anyone knows how to manually extract the archive from the binary?

Intel VTune(TM) Performance Analyzer 3.0 Beta Test Archive

This thread is an archive of the postings that were posted during the beta test program for this software. The product is now currently available for sale or evaluation at:

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Message Edited by Judy on 02-23-2005 03:37 PM

Message box on Visual Studio start up

I've just installed VTune 7.2 including the VS 2003 integration. Now, whenever I start VS.NET I get a message box with the title "VTune Performance Analyzer" and the message "d:VTune5.0sharedvpesrcaseEmbeddedHelpEmbeddedHtmlHelp.cpp", followed by similar boxes complaining about other source files.

We frequently use VS.NET in a non-interactive way, and these message boxes are causing problems. Can I get rid of them?

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