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Hotspot by function: No symbols were found

Hello forum,

After installing VTune on FC3, I am facing the following issue. Being aware that VTune is not supported on
FC3, I would like to know whether the problem I am facing as below is due to this incompatibility or is it a
problem faced by people irrespective of their platforms..

My problem is that
$vtl activity -hf -mn [module name]

gives me the error:
No symnbols were found.

The activity was that of sampling. I did not try callgraph, however.

How to sample Halt CPU cycles in Intel M processor?

Hi, All
I am profiling a game engine on IBM Intel M processor. The scenario is as following:
I press keys continuously in the game,the clockticks I collected for my game engine is reduced a lot comparing with whenI didn't do any interaction with game engine.

As the documents of VTune 7.2 said, clockticks I counted in M processor is non-halt cycles, so I think the rest amount of CPU is spent on halt instruction. But I don't understand what happened during halt, is that because the I/O from keyboard? How can I exactly know it?



VTune on Fedora 3: why all sources are compiled?


i am trying to install VTune 3.0 eval version on FC3 ( kernel: 2.6.9-1.667smp). its a P4 2.4 GHz processor with 1 GB ram.

now, as expected, vdk installation requires to build the driver since there is no built-in driver shipped with the product. and we require the kernel sources for building the driver.

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