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Fast coordinates calculations

I'm pretty new to HPC, SSE technlogy etc so forgive me easy question.
I'm developing an application for a fast simulation in magnetism. I use very large array(implemented as vector from stl) to store index of every atom. My array is 1D so when i need xyz coordinates of a certain atom I need to calculate it(i know the dimensions of a "cube"). Functions responisble for that are main issiue in my program performance.

It's sth like this(for 2D model), index is an input:
(*ptrDANE_2D).y = index * (*ptrD2);
(*ptrDANE_2D).x = index & (*ptrD3);

VTune 7.2 with WinCE 5.0 and PXA27x doesnt run in TDLC mode

i am using VTune 7.2 analyzer for monitoring the applications on PXA270 based platform, which has WinCE 5.0.

I have installedVTune from the web andable to copy the target related files onto my device.I use Microsoft active sync for host<->target connection.

I am tryingthis usingTLDC (target local data collection) mode of VTune. I run the VTuneTDC.exe on the target and in the Data collector window, i configure for sampling some finite number of samples for a finite duration.

no valid event groups for tuning assistance


When running VTune 7.2 on my Pentium-M notebook to analyze Windows apps, the Sampling Configuration Wizard shows the following selections in the Event Groups(s) to collect for Tuning Assistance text box:

  • Basic Performance Tuning Events
  • Events for Tuning Assistant Advice

In fact, at least one of these is automatically selected. I find these event groupsvery useful and I use them all thetime.

Intel VTune queries...


My name is Mallikarjuna. I am a Technical Support Engineer with the sales team at GrapeCity India located in Bangalore.

This is regarding the queries raised by one of our clients on theVTune Performance Analyzer.

We had been to Customer place to demonstrate the VTune product.

So we got couple of queries from them and iam forwarding you the same. Please have a look and get back to us as we need to inform the same to the customer.

The queries are as follows....

1) Whether VTune works on Solaris 8, 9 and 10?

Problems using the call graph

Hi there,
I am experiencing some problems using the Call Graph Profiler. I have been able to use it before successfully but when I use it with the program I am working on at the moment everything runs fine till the program shuts down at which point it says that it is "Updatingcall graph database...", the progress bar reaches about halfway and then stop while examining "C:WINDOWSsystem32msvcp71.dll and never progresses beyond this point. If I stop the activity I get the message:

Overhead of VTunes Profiler (Call Graph Module)

Hi there,

when comparing a multi-threaded and single-threaded version of our application we can see 15% runtime overhead throughout all functions for the multi-threaded variant.

Might this overhead be caused through the VTunes Profiler (running the Call Graph Module) ?
Or can we rely on the measured overhead to reside completely within our code?


External Bus Memory Transaction

I want to know what is indicated by External Bus Memory Transaction.

Help says all memory transaction.
I think memory are connected to processor by internal bus.Then why it is called "External bus"?
Can someone point out the difference between "External Bus Memory Transaction", "External Bus I/O Bus", "External Bus partial Memory Transaction". Does x86 support memory mapped IO?

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