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Installation on nonsupported distro (Gentoo)...

I'm trying to install VTune 3.0 on Gentoo Linux (kernel, P4 2.8G HT.)

Downloaded the tar file, untarred, and invoked ./install.
After accepting some license agreements, it stops saying:

ERROR: unable to find command chkconfig
Please add the location to the above commands to your PATH and re-run the script

I know chkconfig on Redhat, but Gentoo doesn't use/have it. Then I tried by editing config.ini;


But in vain. Nothing has changed. What can I do?

Thanks in advance!

Base Relocation Problem (New User)


I am trying to use VTune for the first time. I am working with IVF 8.1.030 and VTune 7.2 on IA-32.

Step #1
I installed VTune from CD and then performed the upgrade which came out in the first week of June; this amounted to copying a couple files.

Step #2
I walked through the supplied VTune example project, which is based on a simple C project. Works great. Pretty call graphs.

Redhat EL v.4.0 support?

I tried to install Vtune 3.0 on Redhat EL v.4.0.
I could not install it even in custom mode.
Do you have a plan to release a version of Vtune for Redhat EL v.4.0?
Or is there a way to install Vtune on Redhat EL v.4.0?


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How to use VTune for PXA270

I have installed VTune 7.2 and I have a Dell AXIMX50 with PXA270 processor. The OS is Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. I wonder how I can use VTune to measure the performance of my PDA. I tried all three methods (IRDC, TLDC, SRDC)that mentioned in the help document and none of them works. Is Dell AXIM X50 support Vtune?

Thanks for help!

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x64 Call Graph

After installing the latest patch, I am able to run counter and sampling on Windows XP x64 w/o any problems.

I am not able to get the call graph activity to work. I am able to intrument the component and when I go to start I get an error box stating that there are no valid exe controllers associated with the collector.
This is a simple C++ console app. I have taken the same project and run it with no problems on my Win32 box.

thanks for the help...

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