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Application crash with Thread analyzer


our inspected application reproducibly crashes when started with Intel Inspector XE 2015, even when running with only "Detect deadlocks" enabled.
The Crash occurs approx. 20 seconds after the application has started.
It does not crash when started with Memory analyzer.
It does not Crash when I deselect ALL Options of the Thread analyzer.

aassertion failure

Too bad, don't have installed a mailing client so I am posting the error here::

Process Name: devenv.exe
Virtual Memory Size: 1222880K
Working Set Size: 515408K

CrashedPID: 7324
CrashedTID: 9196
Expression: ("signal_t::_insert: this connection is already exists.", false)
File: C:\bb\INNLchep2w6r\b\b\tmpwjs2dl\sdks\release_win32-x86\gen_helpers_2.18.4\include\gen_helpers2\core\config/../functor/signal.h
Line: 260

Strange behavior in memory analysis

Hi all,

I have run a memory analysis (the widest scope memory analysis type) via Inpsector XE 2013. It includes analysing of stack acceses, to cach uninitialized arrays/variables.

Attached is a PNG figure with the results.

Note the strange behavior in Polar_HUCM.F90 module, which imply there is uninitialized memory access in line 119. However, note that line 120 is identical in terms of using the same arrays and specifically the same part of the array being controlled by "kb" loop.

Intel Inspector XE stack traces with C++ code

We are evluating Inspector XE 2015 and have version:
  Update 1 (build 379161)
When working with C++ compiled with the Visual Studio 2013 compiler inspector gives stack traces to memory or gdi leaks
with names like:


whereas we would expect to see C++ class names included:


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Cannot install evaluation of Intel Inspector XE 2015 on Linux without root acces


Is it possible to install an evaluation of Intel Inspector XE 2015 on Linux without root access?  I usually just use it on Windows, and I'm just evaluating it on Linux, so I don't want to bother system administrators unless the evaluation proves successful.  Can someone please email me a license file?  As far as I can tell my purchased Windows license file won't work for a Linux install.

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