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False negative - uninitalised variable.


When compiling and running the attached file Intel Inspector 2011 XE reports "No Problems detected" even though the has_string_ class member variable is used uninitalized. This is a simplified version of a real problem which gave a crash. The problem was found using Valgrind, which correctly reported that a we conditioned on an uninitialised variable.

I'm using Intel Inspector 2011 XE Update 9 (build 218166).


Per Re

Inspector hangs

HiWe are evaluating Inspector for purchase and have run it succesfully on one of our programs.However, we have run into a hang when trying to inspect our main application. Even after leaving it running overnight.I am looking for pointers as to how to overcome this.The OS is Windows 7 64bitThe application is 64bit multithreaded OpenGL with Trolltech Qt interface running on intel+nVidiaIt is quite large - but we are trying to profile the complete app as a whole (we have already unit tested most of the modules)I have added the zipped output logsCheersSteve

Never completes

I created a "development test" toexercise a set of classes from production code that are responsible for a task that leaks memory every time it is done, according to process explorer.

The code seems to leak 2MB each time and does not stop until the system memory is exhausted.

When I run the development test in debug, it completes and exits with code 0 within 5 minutes.
When I profile it with Inspector XE, the anlysis never completes, not even if I leave it over night.

What should I be trying? What should I look at?

Leaks versus Growth

I'm having trouble getting Inspector to report memory growth issues. My assumption is that any memory allocated, but not deallocated, between a transaction start and end, would be reported as memory growth.I'm finding that there's a lot of memory that's growing that is not being detected by Inspector XE. I even put in a "canary" to make sure that I'd get some sort of reading.

How to inspect Visual Studio 2010 unit tests with Inspector 2011?


is it possible to inspect mixed-mode Visual Studio 2010 unit tests? I.e. the unit test project generates a managed assembly which calls native DLLs; I want to check those native DLLs with Inspector 2011.

When starting the unit test project in VS2010 with context menu "Intel Parallel Inspector 2011 | Inspect Memory Errors", I get the following error message:

Cannot start analysis.
File "mydir\\myfile.dll" is not executable binary.

- Frank

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