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Any success stories with memory leak detection in Fortran 2003/2008 code with allocatable components?


Has anyone have been able to successfully use Intel Inspector on Fortran 2003/2008 code that makes use of Fortran ALLOCATABLE constructs (dynamically allocatable variables of intrinsic or derived type, derived types with allocatable components, etc.)?

As you may know, Fortran standard offers protection against memory leaks with the use of ALLOCATABLE constructs e.g., automatic deallocation of variables with local scope upon procedure termination, thereby coders can rest assure certain standard-compliant code can be free of leaks.

How to understand 'Mismatched allocation/deallocation'?

Dear all,

I have the following code:


  idx2faclist = new int[points->items + 1];


  delete [] idx2faclist;


The Intel Inspector gives me 'Mismatched allocation/deallocation' error message for the line

  idx2faclist = new int[points->items + 1];


  delete [] idx2faclist;


How to understand this error message? How to modify the code to remove this error message?



Zhanghong Tang

How to understand 'Uninitialized memory access'?

Dear all,

I have the following code:


    node *node3=new node[npoint];
    for (int i=0;i<npoint;i++)


The Intel Inspector tells me the 'Uninitialized memory access' error at line

    node *node3=new node[npoint];

and qsort function.

Inspector does not let my program read external files.

I have a program that must read a configuration file when it starts but whenever I start this program inside inspector the program does not read this external configuration file. If I execute the program outside of Inspector the program loads this file fine.

Is these something I can do so that my program reads the config file?


Attach to a PID

Hi all,

I know that there were some questions about attaching the Intel XE Inspector to an active process (PID) at certain point from the start time.

I wanted to ask wheather there is any update from the Intel guys on that regard in one of the updates of the Inspector XE ?

If not, what are your kind suggestion for debugging certain source code file for data race within a large application ? Do I have to wait until the Inspector will reach the parallel area ?

Thanks in advance,


Step by step guide for tachyon example Inspector XE

I'm a beginner to Intel Inspector XE. I used the given sample program tachyon to start with. There is no readme file inside the tachyon folder to know the steps to follow. The advisorXE has a readme document which will guide how to use the example, and is more useful. Can you provide a similar document for InspectorXE & tachyon

Inspector "Error detected during analysis" when Detect Memory Problems


Today when I run inspector to analysis my project, I met this error.

Before I had not ever met this error.

I had try to reinstall inspector, bug not fixed the problem, and even the whole c_studio_xe_2013_sp1_update2_setup.

I am sure I don't run any defense software.

I have license for  c_studio_xe_2013_sp1_update2_setup

Additionally, my project can run smoothly when not analysis with inspector.


My Inspector version is : 

Intel® Inspector XE 2013 update 9

VS version is:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Performance analysis of C/C++ application which executes via Python as an extension

Hi all,

I want to analyse a C++ application which compiled as a Python extension. A Python script feeds data and executes the application. I am wondering how can I analyse the C++ module via Inspector. 

For example, I had the same issue with GDB in Eclipse, but when I made another application which executes the Python file from C++, it can get the breakpoint, when the control goes to Python and turns to the extension. But, this trick is not working for Inspector.

I appreciate any clue.


Symbols not found - .pdb files

I would like to have more info about the pdb files which should be associated with the analysis.

  • Should the pdb file be the result from the same compilation that gave the .dll that I wish to inspect ? 
  • If a lib is linked to the dll that i want to inspect, should i have the pdb for the lib ? should they be the exact pdb files that were generated at the same time as the lib that is linked ?

Thanks for your help

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