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Problems mpdboot


I am having a the following problem when executing mpdboot:

$ mpdboot -n 2 -f /home/comsol/mpd.hosts -r ssh
mpdboot_cluster (handle_mpd_output 672): Failed to establish a socket connection with cl1n001:42406 : (111, 'Connection refused')
mpdboot_cluster (handle_mpd_output 689): failed to connect to mpd on cl1n001

I need to utilize mpi to be able to make Comsol 3.5 work in parallel form.
Comsol is paralleled in the following form:
cluster comsol35/bin> ./comsol -nn 2 mpd boot -f /home/comsol/mpd.hosts

The error I get is:

Have You Heard Of "Scaling Performance Forward"?

The need to write scalable applications has been important for programmers in the HPC community for years. Now, with the proliferation of multi/many-core processors and the availability of graphics adapters or data parallel accelerators with many ALU's, scalability is a top priority for many programmers. But, as Andrew S. Tanenbaum stated at the USENIX '08 conference, "Sequential programming is really hard" ... the difficulty is "parallel programming is a step beyond that."

Heterogeneous cluster support

Can both Windows and Linux versions of Intel MPI work together?

Also, is there some substitute for the lack of support for MPI-2 process spawning? We produce simulation libs which clients (including GUI-enabled) link against and we need to implement portable distributed processing, so launching via mpiexec isn't a viable option - we need the (MPI-enabled) client app to be able to launch worker MPI processes and communicate with/manage those.


Intel MPI 3.2 on Linux64: MPI_Comm_connect is not implemented


I am testing a simple client-server application which uses MPI-2 functions.

This is the code (also in attachment):

Both files compile immediately with Intel C compiler for MPI:
joris$ mpiicc -o mclient mclient.c
joris$ mpiicc -o mserver mserver.c

ICR: Infiniband specific tests


Some of the cluster checker tests are specific to Infiniband devices. I wanted to know how to run them for iWarp devices.

1> ib_firmware
Checks /sys/class/infiniband/mthca*/fw_ver file. For iwarp device, path will be different but path is not configurable.
2> ipoib
Checks for ib0 device. For iwarp device, interface will be different.
3> openib
Runs ibstat command to check status of infiniband device.

Jolly Shah

Linker errors with

Hi all,

I am trying to compile an application program called Parallel Ocean Program (

I am using ifort and mpiifort to compile the program. I am also using Intel Trace analyzer and collector libraries to
trace the communication patterns, etc. once the executable is created.

All the object files are successfully created but I get the following errors at the linking stage:

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