Intel® Array Visualizer (Archived)

Interest in Array Visualizer?


Those of you who do Fortran programming on the side may have noticed that Fortran for Windows v7.0 includes a new tool called the Intel Array Visualizer. The Array Visualizer enables to graphically visualize array data. You can find out more about it at:

Even though it is part of the Fortran product, the Array Visualizer can be used with C/C++ code as well (and also C#, VB.Net, VB6).

Trouble about Array Viewer!

Hello, everyone:

I have tried to display some arrays in Array viewer using fav Routines. For example,

Subroutine viewary( )
use AVDef
use AVViewer
use DFLib
allocatable :: testA(:)
!DEC$ATTRIBUTES array_visualizer :: testA
real xmax, x
integer istatus, ihv
allocate (testA(0:2000))

DO i=0, 2000
100 testA(x)=dsqrt(x)

Drawing Graphs

What is the best way to display a graph within a win32 dialog application. I had no luck with sci graph and could not even build the files. I have the array viewer but haven't managed to display it in the program. Is there any good tutorials for complete beginners out there. The ones with the array viewer,digital visual fortran programmers guide and CVF aren't helping me much.

I can't use Array Visualizer with VF in debug mode on XP


I recently installed CVF on an IBM Thinkpad A30p running Windows XP. I also installed Compaq Array Visualizer. Now when I write a simple FORTRAN program with an array, compile it, run the debugger, and try to visualize the array with Compaq Array Visualizer I get the following error message

Server Busy

! This action cannot be completed because the other
program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate
the busy program and correct the problem.

[Switch To] [Retry] [Cancel]

CAViewer Class of Array Visualizer

We are displaying the Array viewer using a CAViewer object in a Visual C++ multithreaded multidocument program. We are wondering how our C++ program can detect when the user has closed the Array Viewer window. Using a pause routine does not work for our purpose since the user would be locked out of doing other things in our GUI while the Array Viewer is running.

Also, what do the GetCloseOnRelease and SetCloseOnRelease methods from CAViewer do, as they are not in the documentation?

calls to array visualizer

I have a call from a QuickWin application to the array visualizer. It works just fine, but when I exit the program, the program is still out there per the process viewer. I know that it is the call to array visualizer that does this. How do I close the visualizer from within the program?

I have had this same problem just using the visualizer while debugging. Exiting the program by choosing file exit just does not get it to quit.



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