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Detect version of MCA in .NET code?

Perhaps there is an example in the MCA Example code, but I haven't found it ...

What I am trying to do is detect which version of MCA a device is running, using C#.

I have a program thatuses the MCA DLL's to control the camera, but theprogram is to be distributed to both older and newer devices -- Some run MCA 2.x whilesome run 3.x
My newer devices can take advantage of certain MCA camera functionality, but the programneeds to run a different piece of the codeif the device is older.

Any suggestions?

RFID in SDK3.1 Java: Is setPreReadMode(true) implemented?


I am using 3.1 from Java for RFID access: Is setPreReadMode(true) really implemented? When I look at the jar from the SDK (RfidTag.mDataRead is never set to true) and also from the experience in running on a device, it makes me think, that the preread never happens.



Is there a way to read the rfid tags with an application being in the background- for example a service or in the system tray? It seems it works only for applications having a window AND a focus or something. This is the same for button events. I would like to get the event always- no matter if my window is minimized or not.

Thank You very much.

Documentation for creating Setup project


I have created a new Barcode DefaultHandler dll.

Now I need to create a install process/msi.

Is there any documentaion on the preferred way to acomplish the following:
1) Install DLL's to correct location ?
(Besides changing "Application Folder".DefaultLocation propery to "[%MCA_INSTALL_DIR]bin")

2) Changing the config file to use the new DLLas current Default handler.

Also, I could not find any documentaion on how to add parameters for"DefaultHandler", is that somewhere and I just missed it ??

"RS Connection" Dialog when scanning barcode on Motion Computing f5v

This is the code Im using to subscribe to the scanned barcode event:

m_DeviceButtons = new Intel.Healthcare.Device.Buttons( DeviceHardwareListener.Handle );
m_BarcodeHandler = new EventHandler( OnBarcodesScanned );
m_DeviceButtons.BarcodesScanned += m_BarcodeHandler;
catch ( Exception exp )
logger.WarnException( "Could not connect to the MCA buttons, this platform may not support MCA", exp );

Where DeviceHardwareListener is a System.Windows.Form

This is my event function

Setting up development machine - windows 7, 64 bit, mca sdk 3.1, COM control


Just going a little round in circles at the moment and would like some guidance.

Development machine details;
- Windows 7, 64-bit
- DirectX 11
- MCA SDK 3.1

The installation installed under: C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\MCA\\...
But also put Bin, Examples, Sounds under C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\MCA\\...
(assume these are 32-bit versions)

What I want to do is call the SDK from Word using the COM control.

Specialized Handling of Code 128 barcodes

New member, I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything addressing my question.

I need my barcode scanner to ignore (not transmit) any Code 128 barcode with data in the following patient account number format: The letter "N" followed by 11-numeric characters. Any Code 128 barcode with any other data needs to scan successfully. This is intended to disallow the scanning of patient lables while allowing medications with a Code 128 barcode.

I would appreciate any ideas or assistance. Thank you.

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